The Baby-Sitters Club #16: Jessi's Secret Language

Book 16 of 94 in the The Baby-Sitters Club Series
The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters

Jessi knows a secret language! She learned it from Matt Braddock, the BSC's newest charge. Matt's been deaf since birth, and he uses sign language to speak. Since Jessi is Matt's baby-sitter, she's been using sign language, too.

Soon all the kids in Stoneybrook want to learn to sign . . . which keeps the Baby-sitters busy. Jessi's the busiest of all: she working on another secret just for Matt. Will she be able to keep the secret and pull off her special event?

The best friends you'll ever have--with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin!
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      Jessi is new to the BSC, so she decides to take on one of the hardest jobs yet, babysitting for a hearing-impaired child named Matt. But Jessi is surprised when she meets Matt. He is just a normal kid that happens to be deaf. Even so, other kids start making fun of Matt and Jessi knows something has to be done. She decides to put Matt in Kristy's softball team. All the bullying stops once everyone sees what a great player he is, and everyone now wants to learn sign language! But the problems aren't over yet. Haley, Matt's older sister, is having problems. Everyone is scared of Matt at first, so Haley doesn't get to have friends (she does at the end of the book), and Jessi decides to invite Matt's whole class to her ballet perfomance so that they can experience ballet. I suggest this for people who like people working past disabilities, friendship and babysitting. Happy Reading!