Baby-Sitters Club #39: Poor Mallory

Book 39 of 94 in the The Baby-Sitters Club Series
Mallory's dad has just lost his job. The Pike kids have decided to help out, so Mallory takes a babysitting job in Kristy's rich neighborhood. But being around the Delaneys only makes Mallory feel poor. There must be something the baby-sitters can do to make her feel better!
Paperback, 160 pages
Published on August 1, 1996 by Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 0590734512
ISBN-13: 9780590734516
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  • bsc
    bscabout 2 years44 stars
    Money has always been tight in the Pike house, but now Mallory's dad loses his job. Mallory is taking extra sitting jobs, and her whole family is affected. Plus some of her "friends" are being mean. But when she starts sitting at a rich, fancy, client's house, she thinks they are snobs. I liked this book. I give it 5 stars.