Battle of the Bots (Robots Rule)

Battle of the Bots (Robots Rule)

By C. J. Richards

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Book 3 of 3 in the  Robots Rule! Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 6 n/a 5.1 32718
Thanks to the eleven-year-old robotics whiz kid George Gearing and his best buddy, Jackbot, the evil Dr. Micron is finally behind bars. But life is hardly back to normal. With TinkerTech closed down for investigation and the townspeople abandoning their own beloved robots, things in Terabyte Heights have taken a turn for the worse. Even George himself is in trouble. Despite finally knowing the truth about Project Mercury, he's still no closer to being reunited with his parents. There's only one person who can save them. But if George enlists his help, who will save everyone else when the battle of the bots begins?

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780544935242
ISBN-10: 0544935241
Published on 4/11/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 240

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George Gearing likes to build robots. But there's a problem in Terabyte Heights that needs his attention. He runs a project called Project Mercury, which helps to assist him by trying to bring his parents back. George decides to trust Dr. Micron to help bring his parents back, but soon after, George will realize that Dr. Micron is not the most trustworthy, and will destroy the city! Will George be able to stop Dr. Micron? Will George be able to bring his parents back? Read this book to find out! Thanks to DOGObooks for supplying this book in exchange for this review.

Meet George Gearing, the robot boy, where George and Annie finally put Micron in jail.... but after time passes by and George becoming discouraged because of Project Mercury (trying to bring back his parents) and he soon decides to rely on the one and only... Dr. Micron... BUT... Dr. Micron pretends to help and slyly goes against George and decides to use his spidery-robot to destroy everything! After Annie confronting George about this, they soon have a plan to destroy Dr. Micron... Will George save the day with his robots? Can George bring back his parents? Well it's up to you to find out! Due to the fact of not reading the first and second book... I was so confused in the beginning... but the author fills in a little bit after reading this book... I feel like it was really similar with the Frank Einstein series... And one thing I thought was cute were the cartoonish drawings.. And also some of the corny jokes made my day... SO if you like humor, adventures, and robotics... Then this book is for you! Hope you enjoy!

So this book wasn't the best. It was a-ok.  George Gearing, a kid genius who made his own robot that can ...........(pause for dramtic effect)............  learn! George lets his archenemy out of jail, to save his parents and opens Terabyte Heights to a whole new world of danger! Can he and his friends, Jackbot and Annie Droid  rebel against the evil Dr.Micron's clones and robot, or will they succumb to his might. 

andy andy

Robots are cool.

andy andy

i like book to read

i like robots they are cool

The book was okay, the third book in a series of books about a genius kid and his robot. In a futile attempt to save his parents, who are trapped as binary code in a destroyed supercomputer, he calls upon help from evil and arrested criminal Dr. Chip Micron.

This book is about a kid named George who is a tech whiz. (Also known as Robot Boy, his friend Anne's nickname for him). George lives in the small town of Terabyte Heights, and in the past books, evil Dr. Micron has turned the citizen's robots into crazed killers, and turned MOD devices into deadly mind control machines. But George put him in jail. And all was good. Except that George's parents are still stuck in project Mercury, and that all the citizens were abandoning their robots to George's uncle's junkyard, because they didn't think that the robots were safe anymore. But when George convinces himself that it is the right choice to help Micron and in return get his parents back, he does not know how much trouble he will get himself into. If you like high tech, and battle's, (the battle is at the end) then you will LOVE this book! My favorite character is Anne because of her care to make George decide what the right decisions for important things are. I think the message for this story is ''think of others before yourself.'' I hope you enjoy this book!!! I definitely did!

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