The Map to Everywhere

The Map to Everywhere

By Carrie Ryan, John Parke Davis

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Book 1 of 4 in the  Map to Everywhere Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 8 X 5.4 89763
Adventure, magic, and hilarity collide in New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis's first book in a fantastical series.

To Master Thief Fin, an orphan from the murky pirate world of the Khaznot Quay, the Map is the key to finding his mother. To suburban schoolgirl Marrill, it's her only way home after getting stranded on the Pirate Stream, the magical waterway that connects every world in creation. With the help of a bumbling wizard and his crew, they must scour the many worlds of the Pirate Stream to gather the pieces of the Map to Everywhere--but they aren't the only ones looking. A sinister figure is hot on their tail, and if they can't beat his ghostly ship to find the Map, it could mean the destruction of everything they hold dear!

Heart-pounding escapades and a colorful cast of characters will have readers setting sail through this wholly original and unforgettable tale.
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780316240789
ISBN-10: 0316240788
Published on 9/8/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 464

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This book is so good it is about a map that leads you anywhere. This book is a good book I love this auther he seems adventures

how can there be a map everywhere? ii know theres maps of the world and states countryies but this isnt google. this was a really good book i wish i could find a magic map that would tell me where everything was

Marilla world is crumbling around here. Her parents and her have always traveled the world, and so she is bored out of her mind when they have to stay in a sleepy little town in order to sell their aunt's house. But as soon as that is done-zoom! Back to the life they had. So when Marilla comes home one day and finds the for sale sign gone, she is thrilled. But when she goes inside she finds that things have taken a turn for the worse. Her mother is really sick again, and so they are staying! She runs out of the house with her cat, who starts chasing after a piece of paper. Before Marilla knows it, she is no longer in a parking lot but on a large ship. She is on the magical Pirate Stream with a wizard, a teenage captain and a stowaway. All of Fin's life people have forgotten about him almost as soon as they meet him. Only a few have managed to remember him-and they are gone. Fin has learned to survive on his own, and his curse helps him be a master thief. But he is lonely. So when he has a chance to find his mother he jumps at the opportunity-right onto a ship. Soon Marilla and Fin find their lives intertwined, as Marilla is one of the few who can remember Fin. And Fin finally has a friend. It is up to the two of them to work together to find all the pieces of the Map, so they can find what they desire-and keep it from the enemy. The enemy who happens to be chasing them around the stream and is looking for the Map so he can destroy their world as they know it. This book was pretty good. There were action-packed scenes, but there were also some more boring scenes that don't seem to contribute to the plot. I recommend this book to fantasy lovers, probably age ranges from middle school to high school. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

The Map to Everywhere is a good book for anyone; it doesn't disappoint. It wasn't confusing, dull, and it doesn't go at the wrong pace.

I recommend this book to people who like mysteries and adventures. This book was awesome get this book if you can or read it online you just have to read

This was a very interesting and good book, I recommend it to those who love adventure. It contains everything from pirates to a magical map to wizards to ghosts. There are two main characters, Master Thief Fin and Marrill and they both have different needs for the map, but they have to go on a crazy mission together to be successful.

This book was not good at all. It took me a month to finish this dull book. It simply makes every scene longer than it has to be. I do love detail, but there are too many things that you have to focus on at once. Of course, everyone has a different opinion, but I think this book was not good. Marrill doesn't want to live an ordinary life, especially when her mother gets sick. Fin is a self-titled "Master Thief" who everyone somehow forgets and is looking for his mother. Marrill discovers a ship in a parking lot. She meets other-worldly strangers and goes on their ship with her cat. Fin meets Marrill and she doesn't forget him because she's normal, so he boards the ship. The two other people on the ship are looking for the Map to Everywhere. Marrill wants to use the map so she can go back home. Fin wants to use the map so he can find his mom. Through an adventure, they end up finding what they needed. Marrill found her home, and Fin found friends who always forget about him.

I absolutely LOVE this book. It is full of adventure and is a personal favorite; I recommend it to everyone!:)

i am a moster i am a moster

i liked the revew because it makes sence and he made it interesting

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