Season's Christmas Quest: The Dog's Story

Season, a bright-eyed, golden dog of mixed breed, is best friends with his master's little girl, Melissa. But just days before Christmas, a canopy of darkness covers the skies, ash blankets the ground, and the land seems to wither and die. Worse yet, his beloved friend grows seriously ill. Melissa needs sunshine and clean air to survive. Desperate to save her, Season makes a fateful decision to embark on a dangerous quest to search for a way to keep her alive. Now, he cannot help but wonder if he has just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Season knows the darkness is a rare catastrophe of historic proportions and becomes determined to find a way to stop it. After he sets out on a frightening journey of magic and mystery, he encounters battles with heartless forest animals that constantly test his courage, perseverance, and intuition. Season knows it is a perilous world in the wilds of the forest, but he is about to discover just how dangerous it really is.

In this inspirational tale, Season must uncover the mystery as to what exactly dwells upon the mountains of the dark forest in order to save his little girl-and possibly the world.

Hardcover, 138 pages
Published on August 2, 2012 by iUniverse
ISBN-10: 1475940084
ISBN-13: 9781475940084
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