Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover Volume 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together

  • The full-color remastering of the Scott Pilgrim epic continues! It's summertime, but who can relax? Scott's relationship with Ramona Flowers is sweeter than ever, but he's still got girl troubles, seven evil ex-boyfriends still want to kill him, and worst of all, now Ramona wants him to get a job! Kicks, punches, rock & roll, subspace, half-ninjas, experience points, samurai swords, girly action, and laughable attempts to seek gainful employment are all that stand in the way of Scott Pilgrim getting it together! Includes previously unpublished extras, deleted scenes, and exclusive bonus content, all in glorious color!
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published on November 13, 2013 by Oni Press
ISBN-10: 1620100037
ISBN-13: 9781620100035
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