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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8Y5.169837
"An exciting story about what really matters, Saving Mr. Terupt is warm, wise, and packed with hope."--JOAN BAUER, Newbery Honor Winner

The kids and their favorite teacher from Because of Mr. Terupt and Mr. Terupt Falls Again return for a third book in the funny, warmhearted series for fans of Wonder.

Seventh grade was going to be awesome. The only thing missing was Mr. Terupt.

The kids from Mr. Terupt’s fifth- and sixth-grade classes are entering their first year of junior high school. There’s a lot to be excited about, but there are new challenges, too. Peter and Jeffrey face tough competition on their wrestling team. Alexia has a disastrous first day of school, and that’s only the beginning. Anna is desperate for Charlie to propose to her mother—what is he waiting for?! Danielle isn’t feeling so well, but she's trying to tough it out, like Grandma. Trouble with a bully makes Luke dread going to school for the first time ever. And Jessica is waiting anxiously for an acceptance to a theater retreat in New York City.
Everyone is missing Mr. Terupt. When a fight threatens to break up the group forever, they think their favorite teacher is the only one who can help them. But the kids soon find out that it’s Mr. Terupt who needs saving.

This novel includes extra content in the back of the book. Readers will find a Junior High Survival Guide with tips from the old gang!

"Buyea has a knack for making his character’s voices distinct. This offering will resonate with tween audiences seeking realistic stories with multifaceted characters. Fans of the “Terupt” novels will cheer as the Snow Hill crowd enters seventh grade, though this latest volume will also appeal to newcomers to the series."-- School Library Journal

"This third in the series [is] as easy for new readers to pick up as it is for returning fans. A warmly gracious invitation to a convincing middle school world."-- Kirkus Reviews

"The individual personalities and abilities of Buyea’s characters emerge through their narratives as they tell about their interests and feelings, including moves from friendships to budding romantic relationships. Danielle’s narrative includes a scientific explanation of diabetes type one and her courageous attitude in learning how to manage her health. This is an engaging read with broad appeal.--VOYA, Recommended

Hardcover, 384 pages
Published on July 14, 2015 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0385743556
ISBN-13: 9780385743556
32 Book Reviews
  • ollieboo
    ollieboo9 months55 stars
    Great book. Really shows how much the students care about their teacher. Proof that things will always turn out right in the end.
    • gokyzidu-161720596044
      gokyzidu-161720596044over 1 year55 stars
      Saving Mr. Terupt, by Rob Buyea, is the second book of the series of seven people who are in Mr. Terupt’s class. It is based off of the first book because of Mr. Terupt. It starts out with Mr. Terupt being in a coma. I have read all of the books except for the last one Mr. Terupt falls again. Mr. Terupt made it out of his coma and recovered from his accident in the first book because of Mr. Terupt. He will go and teach somewhere else but is still a teacher. I like this book because they are all good and Rob Buyea is a funny author and a good author. So if you like books that are funny you should read this book. WILL MR. TERUPT COME COME BACK TO HIS OTHER SCHOOL? If you want to figure it out, read the book.
      • ANONYMOUSalmost 2 years
        I believe this book was well written, however I will agree that some things weren't really to my liking. To start off the beginning of the book was really well and in my opinion was very funny. However I wish there was a bit more detail. Don't get me wrong I do think it was good but I wish I gotten a bit more detail about what was happening in the book. The author did indeed put a lot of real world problems inside of the book, which I do appreciate. However I do think that Alexia does act a bit selfish in the book, but I do understand it's apart of her character. However to make up for that I do think some parts in the story was very humorous and really enjoyable. But it did have a few grammatical mistakes and also I do think some parts in the book was to over exaggerated, but overall I really do think this book is great but not as great as the first and second book, however I did enjoy them. I am also looking forward to the 4th book.
        • bsc
          bscabout 2 years55 stars
          This book was so good! All of our friends are entering junior high. Peter and Jeffery both have a wrestling thing coming up. Alexia, is not doing to well and is having problems. Anna is waiting for Charlie to propose to her mom, but he isn't. Danielle hasn't been feeling too good, but she's trying to ignore it. Jesica is waiting for an a New York theater to except her. But the thing is all of the kids needs Mr. Terupt! The thing is Mr. Terupt needs them.
          • cats20090
            cats20090almost 3 years55 stars
            This is an amazing book that really shows what a great teacher can do to you, even when he is in a coma. I love this book so much, it is emotionally moving, and makes me cry every time I read it.
            • awesome_actress
              awesome_actressover 3 years44 stars
              It wasn't as good as the 1st or 2nd ones, but it was very addicting. I would definitely read it if I were you.
              • jasimine209
                jasimine209almost 4 years55 stars
                it was a awsome.
                • playpuses_rock
                  playpuses_rockover 5 years
                  I am in the middle of this book. So far it is completely amazing. I decided to read this book because I read the rest of the series and I loved them. I would advise that younger audiences refrain from reading this, as there are some themes that some ages should not be exposed to by if you're looking for a great read, I would definitely recommend this book. I got attached to these kids and the special bond they share with their teacher Mr. Terupt makes them unique and special. The lessons he teaches are important and this whole series could teach you all the lessons you need to know.
                  • Chase Schriverover 5 years
                    What is the plot?
                    • supreme
                      supremeabout 6 years55 stars
                      I think it is a good book because it is well written and has a good moral