Trading Faces

Trading Faces

By Julia DeVillers, Jennifer Roy

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 1 - 4n/a3.349839
In Trading Faces, identical twin sisters Emma (the smart one) and Payton (the popular one) start seventh grade at a brand-new school and discover they’ve been assigned entirely different schedules—so when they get sick of their respective cliques, they secretly switch places. What ensues is a hilarious yet poignant romp from middle school to the mall as the twins learn what it means to be true to yourself, even when the rest of the world isn’t making it easy.
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781416975311
ISBN-10: 1416975314
Published on 12/30/2008
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 304

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Emma and Payton Mills, new seventh graders at their new middle school, struggling to find their right places in their school. Payton, who is a fashionista and wannabe popular along with her friends, Sydney , Quinn, and few others. Meanwhile, for Emma, who loves both science and math, always dressing up comfortable, who you will find her almost with Hector Jordan, Tess Hamilton, Jazmine James, and Emma have a crush on a football player, Ox Garrett. During their school year, both Emma and Payton had switched places, because they are identical twins, but the chaos uprising while they are switching places. It's pretty funny book but pretty cool book! - Happy Reading!

I have read the first three books in this series so far, an I love it!

Emma is my favorite!!!

I love this book. I recommend it. Emma and Payton are identical twins... who have completely different personalities. But when they get their schedules they are in completely different classes! A lot of things happen to them so they have no choice but to... trade faces. What happens to them? Read it to find out!

I only just read this. #Recommended

One morning to girls named Payton and Emma were starting their first day of 7th grade so they went inside to see what the school looked like when they went inside it was a big school with many lockers,doors,and 7th and 8th graders roaming around the school so they heard on the overcome to get their schedule for the semester. A little while later when they get there schedule for the semester they compare their schedule to see if they got into the same classes but when they looked at it they saw that they had different classes at different times so they traded faces to have the classes the wanted so they switched their clothes and went to each others classes. When it was first period Emma Went to Payton homeroom class and Payton went to Emma homeroom class. After they got done with First period in homeroom They went to their science and math classes With Payton as Emma and Emma as Payton then they went to each other 2nd period class.

Trading Faces by Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy tells a very interesting and entertaining story of two identical twins in middle school. Payton and Emma are totally different, even though they look exactly the same. With Payton being the fashion and outgoing one, while Emma being intelligent and shy, they start their first day of middle school. Things turned out to be way different than they thought, they had completely different schedules with different cliques. But that wasn't it, after an accident they were forced to change places, and gradually, they were trading faces. My favorite character in this book is actually Emma, I love how she's so quirky, awkward, yet brilliant and nice to everyone. This book deals with a lot of problems we teenagers face today, such as cliques, popularity, crushes, and most importantly, being who we are. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, especially people who like realistic fiction books! Trust me, it's awesome and you won't stop reading the following books of this series :)))

its good i've read it 8 times

read this book about a year ago and could not put it down

The book is funny and really good. A must read!

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