The Tiger Rising

The Tiger Rising

By Kate DiCamillo

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Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z ATOS Word Count
Grades 4 - 8 Grades 1 - 5 T 4 19369
It's six months since Rob's mum died and he moved to Florida. His dad won't talk about her at all. So Rob fills a suitcase in his mind with all his forbidden thoughts, and keeps it tight shut. But when he finds a caged tiger deep in the woods, his whole life begins to change.
Publisher: Candlewick
ISBN-13: 9780763680879
ISBN-10: 0763680877
Published on 12/8/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 144

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It's been a little while since I've last read it, but last time I read it, I loved it.

I recently read the book tiger rising by Kate DiCamillo I recommend this book if you love animals . My favorite part is when Sistine sing the poem at the funeral for the tiger The genre is realistic fiction and I love the emotions that he uses in the book to make it sad happy funny whatever I recommend this book for you .

I recently read the book The Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo. The genre of this book is realistic fiction and I recommend this book because the author uses vocabulary that evokes emotions in the reader. I would recommend this book for someone that has lost a loved one or someone going through a hard time. If you like this book then you will most likely enjoy Because of Winn Dixie. -Mrs. Timb's 2nd Block

The Tiger Rising is a great book. It is about a boy named Rob. Then Rob fines a tiger he could not stop thinking about it. then a new girl by the name of Sistine moved in. Rob thought she was trustworthy so he told Sistine about the tiger. I recommend this book to people who are in 3th to 6th grade.

I love this book. If you like adventure and are in 3rd-5th grade this book is recommended. It is about a boy named Rob. Rob's mom dies. They move to Florida where Rob meets a tiger who is in a cage. He met a girl during school named Sistine and he told her about the tiger and she is desperate to let it go. Together Rob and his father go through a lot of hard times.

I read this in my 4th grade class, and it was very good! Recommend it to ages 9 and up for some parts! It's fun as well!

The tiger rising does not have much adventure in my opinion. But it is funny and i love the characters of the book.

I love this book. The Tiger Rising is really intriguing. It is a really good book with lots of nice parts. I can't stop reading it!

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