The Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson

By Johann David Wyss

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The Swiss Family Robinson is a novel by Johann David Wyss, first published in 1812, about a Swiss family shipwrecked in the East Indies en route to Port Jackson, Australia. Swiss Family Robinson is the classic tale of a Swiss pastor, his wife and their four sons who find themselves shipwrecked on an isolated tropical island. Along with a couple of dogs, some livestock, pigeons and geese, Swiss Family Robinson, is the story of a family's struggle to survive in a foreign land isolated from society. Everyday brings a new adventure and a new obstacle to overcome. Above all, Swiss Family Robinson is a classic tale of adventure that can be enjoyed by readers both young and old.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-13: 9781515331087
ISBN-10: 1515331083
Published on 8/2/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 266

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This book is about a family who were stranded on an island because of a shipwreck. In this book, they have to use all of their survival skills to survive.

Irrasabeth Irrasabeth

I think the book was a bit boring, but great for others who like survival books. The launguage in the book i a bit old, so hard to understand, and there is a piontless chapter or two, but i can see why others may like this book. If i may say so, i think a AMAZING book is Fish In A Tree and/or Rain Rien

lilly lilly



Story touching sky

Nishant Nishant

I was lost in reading the book. I onky stopped when I completed reading the book. It is a fantastic book I have ever read.....

Nishant Nishant

It is a good book

Cougars1234 Cougars1234

swiss family robinson was a good book and after reading a chapter i could not put it down A plus 5 stars

If you like stories of survival against all odds, where a group of people must fight nature herself in an epic contest of wills, then there is, in fact, a book for you. The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss was published in 1812, but the age does not make it boring; it does quite the contrary. When the Robinsons fall victim to a shipwreck, they must fight in an epic battle of nature versus man for mere survival. Follow the story of this eighteenth century family as they salvage the wreck, build the magnificent dwelling of Felsenheim, discover, and thrive on the desolate island that is their verdant prison. One of the major conflicts is definitely the first rainy season they encounter, full of fierce hurricanes and storms. The other would be their constant battle against massive snakes, lions, and hyenas. The turning point in the book is when the family finally gets to the island from the wreck. The family faces a persisting threat of death on their remote tropical island, the location of which is not specified. The Swiss Family Robinson is exciting, and breathtaking in the description. What I like about the book is how consistent the author stays with the region they are in, (native plants, wildlife, trees, etc.,) and how easy it is to picture the island.