The Forgotten Door

The Forgotten Door

By Gregory A. Falls, Alexander Key

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Play script adapted for stage by Gregory A. Falls, from the popular novel by Alexander Key. Successfully produced at the Young ACT Company, Seattle, and the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta. A wonderfully stylized script with enjoyable roles. Movement, lighting and incidental music add to the effect. Simple set, suitable for touring. Costumes: Contemporary/Fantasy. Cast: 2 F, 5 M with doubling or 14+.

Jon, a boy from another world, accidentally falls through a forgotten door to Earth, losing his memory, but retaining his ability to communicate with animals and hear people s thoughts. He is warned of danger by a deer, and narrowly escapes peril throughout his adventure. He happens upon the farm of kindly Mary and Thomas Bean. Jon s supernatural abilities are almost immediately apparent to Mary, and she suspects he is otherworldly. Thomas is skeptical, at first. Word travels fast about a genius boy staying with the Beans. Mary and Thomas realize there is precious little time to take Jon elsewhere before everyone from threatening neighbors to the CIA tries to get their hands on him. The military and the press are closing in on the house when Jon hears his father s voice calling him from their world. Jon realizes the door is open again, and without a moment to lose, the three of them steal away through the woods on a moonless night, guided by the voice of Jon s father to seek the forgotten door.
Publisher: Anchorage Pr
ISBN-13: 9780876022429
ISBN-10: 0876022425
Published on 6/1/1985
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 28

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I agree with the other two reviews...the author is successful in making a boring storyline, and having a slow progressing character. I will never pick this book up again.

This book was absolutely TERRIBLE! I cringe in it's presence, most times.

This is a book I will not pick up again.