By Jewell Parker Rhodes

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Ten-year-old Sugar lives on the River Road sugar plantation along the banks of the Mississippi. Slavery is over, but laboring in the fields all day doesn't make her feel very free. Thankfully, Sugar has a knack for finding her own fun, especially when she joins forces with forbidden friend Billy, the white plantation owner's son.

Sugar has always yearned to learn more about the world, and she sees her chance when Chinese workers are brought in to help harvest the cane. The older River Road folks feel threatened, but Sugar is fascinated. As she befriends young Beau and elder Master Liu, they introduce her to the traditions of their culture, and she, in turn, shares the ways of plantation life. Sugar soon realizes that she must be the one to bridge the cultural gap and bring the community together. Here is a story of unlikely friendships and how they can change our lives forever.

From Jewell Parker Rhodes, the author of Ninth Ward (a Coretta Scott King Honor Book and a Today show Al's Book Club for Kids pick), here's another tale of a strong, spirited young girl who rises beyond her circumstances and inspires others to work toward a brighter future.
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780316043069
ISBN-10: 0316043060
Published on 6/3/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 288

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Their are no more slaves but at River Road black people are still working their. Later on in the story Chinese people came to work with them. The Chinese people are working harder and faster because they were younger and had more energy. River Road ends up being sold.

So far I have read about this girl named sugar and she hates sugar and I think that is weird because her name is sugar

I like this book because it's about a 10 year old girl who's parents aren't there for her; her dad went north and her mom died of pnemonia. So the book is generally about a girl brings two 'worlds' together. At the end when she was in the house fire I didn't think she would make it.

FriendFriendluv FriendFriendluv

This book is super cool! I fell in deep love with the main character and the plot is so interesting and thought provoking! This book hooks you on the very beginning and takes you on a amazing historical fiction ride! Sugar's story is so inspiring and unique. The book is so special and deserves to become a movie! There is so many likable characters and so much character development! This book could not get any better! Anybody will love this book it is just too good to be true! So many jaw-dropping moments and it is such an enjoyable read and absolutely worth your time!!!!! :) LOVE IT!!!!!

It a really good book if you are looking for an adventure book, this is the right book for you!!.

OMG!!! this book is soooo good. You guys have to read. it is about an african american slave working and having a rough life. You will go along with her in her adventures.

I read this book because everything that people had told me about it made it sound very interesting and so once I got it i read it and I personally really liked it. I have also recently read other books by the author Jewell Parker Rhodes and the books that I read were very good.

CuteBunnies CuteBunnies

There are few books about the evil of slavery. This is one of those few books. There are also even fewer books with Chinese people in them. This is one of those even fewer books. However, this is the only book that significantly combines African American slaves with Chinese slaves and tells you that sugar (the food) is not so sweet after all. This book tells you the stories of be'er rabbit without the extras like the tar baby and the dumb bear so you can hear the real version of Briar Rabbit. Before I read this, I thought that only African Americans were enslaved.

Did you know that at first, instead of slaves, people had indentured servants?

I liked this book a lot. This book talks about a girl name Sugar in slavery times and she faces a lot of different things.

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