Seeing Cinderella

Seeing Cinderella

By Jenny Lundquist

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Grades 4 - 8 Grade 5 n/a 4.5 43367
Magical realism and a modern Cinderella story makes for a fun and relatable M!X read.

Sixth grade is not going well for Calliope Meadow Anderson. Callie’s hair is frizzy, her best friend, Ellen, is acting weird, and to top things off, she has to get glasses. And her new specs aren’t even cute, trendy glasses—more like hideously large and geeky. But Callie soon discovers that her glasses have a special, magical perk: When she wears them, she can read people’s thoughts. Crazy glasses aside, Callie has more drama to face when she’s cast as the lead in the school play—and instead opts to be an understudy, giving the role of Cinderella to Ellen. Can Callie’s magic glasses help her see her way to leading lady, or is she destined to stay in the background forever?
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781442445505
ISBN-10: 1442445505
Published on 3/20/2012
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240

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This book honestly I've read what seems like 13 times, but I'm still in love with it. It all starts when Callie or Calliope Anderson needed glasses because of her headaches. When she was at the eye doctor's she was told about her glasses taking a while so she was given some other glasses by the doctor that he was wearing himself. But, what she doesn't know is that the nerdy/geeky glasses she got has something special that others don't have. The glasses have the power to read people thoughts and play flashback of what happened to them. When it came to the 1st day of school he best friend Ellen saw those glasses complimenting her, but Calliope saw something saying(what am I quoting is not exactly said I forgot how they exactly they said it) "Those are geeky". Later leaving Ellen she has to share a locker with Raven Maggot. After she got out of their she starts talking to Ellen before she goes into Math with her about the clubs. Ellen wanted to do Hall Patrol or something like that. After they start, when she goes into math. She was called on but didn't know the answer. Ellen tried but she got it wrong, so she guessed 29 and got it right. During that class she saw ellen thinking "She's cheating". Skip when Drama comes. Callie didn't want to take Drama this year but Ellen made her. When she came in to the All-Purpose room she saw her, a blonde hair girl(Stacy), Raven, and 2 cute boys Scott Fowler and Charlie Ferris. They have to do a Cinderella play, and Callie has to audition and do backstage. When she see's that she got Cinderella she wanted to change to understudy to get away from that. Around that her math teacher, wanted to test her. So she starts going continuing to be average. Later, when it was halloween she was going to a festival and see's Stacy, Ellen, Raven, Scott, and Charlie. They did a mirrior maze and they got lost as Ellen thought it was compeitition and thought her and Scott won. That day she got a teddy bear from Scott(What she doesn't know is that he plays girl hearts, its shown later). When they got home she thought why her friend, Ana didn't come. She thought that she was up to something. So the next day, when she arrivied at her locker she saw some Red Hots. It came with a letter saying "Hope you don't spill it". Callie believed that it was Scott(But, that it wrong find out how that is at the end). When it came to Drama she saw Ellen. Ellen confessed that she liked Scott and Scott liked her. A few later Ellen and Scott are togethere and during lunch Stacy, Charlie, and Callie are disgusted. In drama, when they had to work on their part Charlie and Ellen had to work but when they came back, callie starts talking to Charlie and he thought "Maybe Polka Dot isn't so bad". Later, Stacy had to do some work with Callie and they actually got along planning to go for some pizza with Scott and Ellen before the show so that she doesn't 3rd Wheel(I've done that a few times.). After they had Pizza a few days before the show she saw her dad and they were happy for a bit. But, when they got there Callie had to go onto to be Cinderella. Before the show, she see's Charlie scaring her a bit playing a flashback to Callie when he got the Red Hots, and placed it in her locker with Raven's help. She didn't say anything. But the show, she did a good job, and got her job done while Scott said congrats. Scott and Charlie asked her to the dance, but she accepted Charlie since Scott was just faking it and wrote those poem from a book in a flashback she saw. But. she questioned where is Ana so she asked Stacy who played the fairy godmother for the wand and so she took it and ran and Charlie tried to get to her. When she arrived she found out that she go in trouble for having Pizza with her and couldn't do anything because of her uncle. A few weeks later however, she went over to her Aunt Rosa and decides to stay there so she can have her choices. And that is just the story in which I love. 1000000/10.

I love this book! Callie (also my name😂👍) needs to get glasses. She ends up getting big nerdy glasses with thick black frames. The mysterious eye doctor tells her she will be able to really "see" with these new glasses, and you can only imagine Callie's surprise when she figures out these glasses can read other's thoughts! But is this really a power she wants to use? Through a Cinderella play where Callie is cast as the lead, new friends, crush problems, and more, Callie sees the world and herself through new lenses. I absolutely LOVE this book! I have read it about 15 times!! I recommend this book to kids ages 8+. 5/5 stars!!!!

Seeing Cinderella, by Jenny Lundquist, is a great book, and I love it. It is about a girl in middle school who needs glasses. Her glasses are big and geeky. She totally hates them, then she discovers something different about her glasses. This story was very gripping. I loved it a lot.

bookworm bookworm

I think this book is extremely confusing, but overall I think it is a cute story and I like it.

This is a really cute story about a girl starting middle school.She has these new BIG glasses that seem pretty ugly. Although with theese glasses she can truly see. ------- SEE people's thoughts. B)

I think sometimes this book can get a little confusing, but I think it is interesting and really got me hooked right from the beginning. I got it out of the book order and started reading it right away. It was really slow at first but then it got exiting.