By Ian McCall

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This book is a semi Auto-Biography about the first years of Frank McCroft based in the early sixties and despite all the odds at that time Frank McCroft became a Breakdown patrol with one of the two main Motoring clubs in the U.K. that time.
Frank has served in both the two lager organisation for over thirty years or more and after starting as a patrol in the sixties he has held many senior positions in the U.K largest organisation even unto this present day Frank spends his time at the operational sharp end.
Frank was adopted as a child and despite having no education due to severe bad Asthma as a child and not having any schooling plus a slight speech impediment began his working life at the age of 14 years in the Motor trade.
It is true to say that at the age of fourteen Frank McCroft could not read or write and his present level of high achievement is contributed to being self-taught in the many skills that he has now achieved throughout his career.
Frank has used his sense of humour and people skills plus his ability to teach himself many skills that more advantaged people only dared to dream of and could not achieve with greater qualifications.
Frank McCroft now has the ability to write about the many humorous and often real life stories that he was involved in during the 1960s when riding a Motorcycle as a road patrol and the many characters that he was involved with in those early days.
Frank also covers the period when roadside patrols saluted members and when most patrols worked from dusk to dawn and patrolled large areas of great rural beauty on his patch in Cheshire and North Wales.
This book is about when you care for and dream enough and never give up with people you can achieve the impossible dream .

Published on 7/26/2014
Binding: Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 222

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