Plants vs. Zombies Volume 8: Lawn of Doom

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 8: Lawn of Doom

By Paul Tobin

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The New York Times best selling series is back! Every year as Halloween draws near, strange creatures and weird contraptions start appearing in everyone's lawns in Neighborville. A Neighborville Halloween is weird enough, but Zomboss and his zombie army want to turn the holiday into their own scarier Lawn of Doom celebration! With Zomboss filling everyone's yards with traps and special zombies, Crazy Dave, young genius Patrice, neighborhood daredevil Nate, and a batch of brave, boisterous plants fight back in contests of best tricks, best treats, and best costumes! Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Tobin and fan-favorite artist Ron Chan tell this tale of Halloween hijinks!

Written by multiple Eisner Award-winner Paul Tobin!

In time for Halloween--the secrets behind PopCap's annual Lawn of Doom event!

For fans of the phone and console video games!

The official comic of the addictive video games!
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
ISBN-13: 9781506702049
ISBN-10: 150670204X
Published on 10/24/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 80

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Azka Azka

This book is cool

Plants vs. Zombies is the best! I was so scared that Dr. Zomboss' evil plan was going to work this time. I'm glad the plants stopped him.

Great book!!! Fun, entertaining, and makes me laugh! And it had perfect timeing to get realeased-right at halloween!!! You should TOTALLY read this book!