Mummies in the Morning (Magic Tree House)

Mummies in the Morning (Magic Tree House)

By Mary Pope Osborne

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Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z ATOS Word Count
Grades 2 - 3 Grades 1 - 3 M 2.7 5105
Jack and Annie find themselves whisked away to ancient Egypt, where they
come face to face with a dead queen--and her 1,000-year-old mummy! "This will
be welcomed by beginning readers making the transition to chapter
books."-- "Booklist.
Publisher: Turtleback Books
Published on 10/1/1999
Binding: Hardcover

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Annie and Jack got to go to ancient Egypt. But they are not in the mood of dealing with mummies or anything like that. They are hoping for it to be as easy and simple as possible. But does it actually turn out like that? Well, not exactly. So, Annie and Jack meet a dead queen that has been dead for a VERY long time. The mummy needs there help badly. Will Jack and Annie be able too solve a puzzle and help the mummy queen? Read this book to find out! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

Jack and Annie decided to come back the morning to see if it was still there (the tree house) they stared up at the tree house and said "it looks empty" they went up in the tree house and all of the books where still there but while they where going up they heard a voice could it be " M*?they where looking threw the like trying to figure out what play they wanted to go to today.they picked the mummie times! They went there and Annie didn't listen to Jack when he said that they have to wait in the tree house to see if it's ok to go down.but they still went down and they went into the place and there was a tomb raider, scary mummies.but all at the end they home to there mom making pb and j sandwiches.I recommend this to 8 to 12 year old I rate this 4/5 šŸ˜

I have all the books except for the new ones!! wish I had the new ones

This book is a little scary but the end turns out fine. It is about two kids named Annie and Jack. Hope you want to read it

I love magic tree house i'm really in to mythical stuff so i think i'm going like the book

i am currently reading the magic tree house books i love all there books there so good and full of adventure this book i liked because it involved ancient Egypt

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This book is about Jack and Annie.It's a good book. Read it please!