Ever After High: The Unfairest of Them All

Ever After High: The Unfairest of Them All

By Shannon Hale

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It's the aftermath of Legacy Day, the day when the students at Ever After High are supposed to pledge to follow in their fairytale parents' footsteps, and everyone is in a huff and a puff! Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen, has refused to sign the Storybook of Legends, rejecting her story--and putting everyone else's in jeopardy.

The Royal Apple White doesn't want to think Raven is being a rebellious pain, but Raven's choice means Apple might never get the poisoned apple, Prince Charming, and a kingdom to rule. Behind Apple stands the Royals, those who want to play by the book and embrace their stories. The Rebels, supporters of Raven, believe in breaking free from destiny and writing their own stories.

But when the chaos and rivalry land wonderlandiful Madeline Hatter in trouble, Raven and Apple must bring the Royals and the Rebels together to shut the book on their feud before it threatens to end all of their Happily Ever Afters once and for all.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Who'e the Unfairest of Them All?

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Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780316282017
ISBN-10: 0316282014
Published on 3/25/2014
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 336

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The best book ever!😍😘😻

Glitch girl✌ Glitch girl✌

O.M.G! I loved this book!!✌

I have the book it's really fun you should also check out the first one to .

I love the episodes of ever after high I have not read the books. But I hope to soon. I actually have a question "Does it fallow the real storyline of the movies?" Pleas reply

I am very happy for Cerise because she can finally tell everyone her secret. She doesn't have to keep hiding her wolf ears by wearing the hood all the time. I think it was very brave of her having to keep such a big secret from everyone. It must have been hard for her to beware of accidents happening. She is very strong. I was surprised when she won the game because wolves usually run very fast and they can catch up easily. Also, Cerise is just a kid and she could run fast than a adult.

The royals and the rebels were having a food fight. Apple white tried to stop them but she got hit with a sausage on her face. Hunter Huntsman threw a soy turkey sausage patty through the room but it accidentally hit Ashlynn Ella in the face. The soy turkey sausage patty began to slide down Ashlynn Ella's face and she started to cry. Hunter Huntsman quickly apologize to her but she ran out of the room and Hunter Huntsman chased after her. After they left the room, the food fight resumed again.

I finished the first book and I am reading the second book now. I wonder if Raven Queen and Dexter Charming would have any relationship at the end.

The royals were angry because Raven Queen ripped her page off from the storybook of legends. The royals and rebels were having a food fight in the Castleteria, Apple White tried to stop them from fighting but someone threw food on to Apple White's face and the fight continued. Hunter Huntsman threw a soy turkey sausage patty over and it accidentally hit Ashlynn Ella on the face. The soy turkey sausage patty slide down Ashlynn Ella's face and Ashlynn Ella started to cry. Hunter quickly said sorry but Ashlynn ran out of the Castleteria and Hunter chased after her. The two of them left and the fight started back again.

This is the second book in the Ever After High series, and it's just as enchanting! Raven Queen has made her decision, to Apple White's horrer! Now she has another problem on her hands. The same problem as before! What will she do, after a massive food fight in the Castleteria?

this book is so funny I love he fairtales😀

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