Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy

Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy

By S.F. Guerra

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Billy March has been grounded for 63% of the past month. Every time he almost gets his parents’ trust back, his mind wanders off, and he causes another disaster! Like the time he and his best friend Keenan decided to play droid war in a parking lot—and ended up launching a shopping cart into a car...Now Mom and Dad are threatening to send Billy to a psychologist. They may even make him take brain drugs! But deep down, Billy really worries that Dad wishes he had a different son. He’ll never be as perfect as his sisters. Maybe he doesn’t belong in this family at all. But maybe, just maybe, talking to a “shrink” won’t be as terrible as Billy thinks. With generous black-and-white illustrations in every chapter and ton of heart and humor, readers will be cheering for Billy as he struggles to find his place in the world—and discovers his true talent in the process.
Publisher: Two Lions
ISBN-13: 9781477817322
ISBN-10: 1477817328
Published on 10/15/2013
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 210

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Billy seems like a cool and funny kid.I want to read this book!

I won this book in the contest and its great.

This book is hilarious, and tells a story that could happen in real life. Do not do most of what Billy does. Billy is not crazy!!!!

Billy is special. Not a bad kind of special, just special. The one thing he has that most people don't? Imagination. He makes everything a game...including the things that are NOT supposed to be a game, like school. Follow Billy's adventure through imagination in this book.

Now, I kind of want to read the book because of how you explained it. I think billy seems really interesting. Is it a chapter book, or a short picture book?

Sweet Darling Sweet Darling

This book is amazing! :)

this book is fantastic

i think id love to read this book that child aint crazy he just being a child or lol he jus a teen as parents say

medic1969p medic1969p

I think this book would make somebody with low self esteem feel even worse than they already do

this book is awesome.

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