Big Nate Flips Out

Big Nate Flips Out

By Lincoln Peirce

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 1 - 3 n/a 2.8 14013

Big Nate is funny, big time.”—Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The fifth Big Nate novel in the New York Times bestselling series by Lincoln Peirce, all about king of detention and cartooning genius Nate Wright!

Everyone knows N-A-T-E does not equal N-E-A-T!

And when Nate’s sloppiness gets out of hand, his best friend, Francis, is in serious trouble.

Can Nate clean up his act, or will he flip out first?

For fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series: Meet Big Nate, world-class boredom buster and definitely NOT the teacher’s pet. 

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780062367525
ISBN-10: 0062367528
Published on 5/17/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 224

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The book is just got to a problem #1 Nate made a mess in his locker and can not find the camera. #2 half of the school found out that Francis's middle name was Butthurst. Nate has to clean up this mess or else MRS. Godfrey will get really mad and lose his friendship with Francis I hope at the end all the problems will be solved.

This is the best Big Nate book! I hope you read it!

Big Nate is always there for a good laugh, and I would totally recommend the series! It’s about Nate and his friends, who are in middle school. It follows their daily life, with bunches of humor packed inside. And, Nate is a total slob, which can lead to some very bad problems, like in their graphic novel. I hope you guys enjoy/have enjoyed this book/series! :)

This is an AWESOME book for any Big Nate fan. If you know Big Nate, you know he's not the neatest kid in the world. But what would happen if this turned around?


This 📖 ROCKS Lincoln Peirce is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Nate is cool, I guess. But there's something in the book that bothers me... But never mind. Let's get started...So, "you're such a slob." said Francis, Nate's best friend. Nate looks at him like his locker wasn't the messiest thing he's ever seen. "Are you talking to me?" Nate asks. So that goes to say that Nate is clueless that he was a pig. At science class, Francis gets an A for his quiz so Nate thinks he's getting an A too. But Mr Galvin calls him over to his desk instead. He failed his Quiz because of his sloppiness. He really doesn't know this messiness could lead to big problems...after class, they went to the yearbook meeting. Last year's yearbook stank on ice because it was being run by Nick Blondsky. So the new editor was bound to be an improvement...But...GINA ended up as editor so Nate nominates FRANCIS as editor when he realizes Gina would make the yearbook all about herself. In doing so, he also asks Francis to ask Mrs Godfrey for the camera. So Francis gives the camera to Nate...but who KNOWS what Nate could do to the camera with his sloppines...But when things go bad, its Nate's job to fix everything...

This book is my favorite "Big Nate" book Lincoln Pierce made so far. It has so many different events going on at once, and it's super funny.

big nate is awesome my sister has some books i've read them so good i wanna get some myself

Big Nate is so funny! Teddy, and Francis are his two best friends. Francis is proper, spoiled, and perfect. (he also never gets detention unlike Nate) Teddy is funny, witty, and a jokester. and we all know Nate is messy, when his sloppiness get's out of control it gets Francis in a lot of trouble. will Nate "clean" up his act? or will he flip out first? I suggest you find out in: Big Nate Flips Out.

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