Raina Telgemeier Collection 5 Books Set (Sisters, Drama, Smile, Ghosts, Guts)

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Raina Telgemeier Collection 5 Books Set:

The companion to Raina Telgemeier's #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Eisner Award-winning graphic memoir, SMILE. Raina can't wait to be a big sister. But once Amara is born, things aren't quite how she expected them to be. Amara is cute, but she's also a cranky, grouchy baby, and mostly prefers to play by herself.

Raina Telgemeier, the author of the award-winning SMILE, brings us her next full-color graphic novel . . . DRAMA! Callie loves theater. And while she would totally try out for her middle school's production of Moon Over Mississippi, she's a terrible singer.

Raina just wanted to be a normal girl, but one night after Girl Scouts she trips and falls severely injuring her two front teeth. What follows is a long and frustrating journey with on-again, off-again braces, surgery, embarrassing headgear and even a retainer with fake teeth attached.

From award-winning graphic novelist Raina Telgemeier comes a new story about family, friendship and hope. Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Northern California because her little sister, Maya, is sick. Cat isn't happy about leaving her friends for Bahia de la Luna, but Maya has cystic fibrosis and will benefit from the cool, salty air that blows in from the sea.

Raina wakes up one night with a terrible upset stomach. Her mom has one, too, so it's probably just a bug. Raina eventually returns to school, where she's dealing with the usual highs and lows: friends, not-friends, and classmates who think the school year is just one long gross-out session.
ISBN-10: 9123894598
ISBN-13: 9789123894598
26 Book Reviews
  • Catlover37over 1 year
    Loved all them! Anyone that hasn't read them you should!
    • Cute girlover 1 year
      • projectchester
        projectchesterover 1 year55 stars
        I like these book because its kind of fun. In my opinion this book is PG because it doesn't have that much rude humor. I mean PG-13 has at least one curse word so yea
        • JEKNKN:LKJover 1 year
          I think these books is kind of fun I read it and it was ok
          • harrypotter2021
            harrypotter2021over 1 year55 stars
            they are soooo good
            • iamamers
              iamamersover 1 year55 stars
              Such amazing books!! I love Raina telemiger!!!
              • peepster
                peepsterover 1 year
                I really like her books it's like chicken soup for the Pedersen soul.
                • ada4
                  ada4over 1 year22 stars
                  So these books in my opinion were not as high as my excpectations for the series. Well if your saying the wave of the story, the events, how one thing led to another was you know..nice, then I would agree with you, cancelling all the stuff I didn't like. But I didn't like was... for example, if this was a movie I would rate it PG-13. Because of the romance and rude humor. Other than that I liked how Raina Telgeimer used an arc, the arc for the story was perfect. So that's my opinion.
                  • dream_beyond
                    dream_beyondover 1 year55 stars
                    SUMMARY FOR SISTERS!! Who has siblings? I do and sometimes they can get pretty annoying. Raina also has siblings and her sister can get pretty annoying. Jump on my boat, and we'll sail through the book! Raina Telgemeier was the only child in her family until her sister came along. At first Raina was super excited only until her sister grows older and becomes more feisty. Raina's parents planned a trip to go to Colorado in their old van. They're all packed and ready to go but Raina and her sister can't be together for more than a couple of minutes before an argument starts. And that's not the only problem her cousins barely remember her! Read the book to see if Raina can still last the road trip all the way back home!! I hoped you liked my summary if you did please like and follow! -Annafantastic
                    • lunabunny
                      lunabunnyover 1 year44 stars
                      These are all really good books,totally worth reading!