Uncle John's Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only)

It’s wacky and fun! It’s illustrated and easy to read! It’s a whole new twist on learning! And it’s FOR KIDS ONLY! Inside Uncle John’s Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader, curious readers find 288 pages packed with strange science, weird news, obscure history, odd sports, and the interesting origins of everyday things. Special to this edition are some amazing animal quack-ups, history’s biggest quacks, ducky weather, fine feathered friends, quacky fashion, and things that are “Just Ducky” (which could mean really good or . . . soaking wet). And that’s not all! The newest fact-packed reader in the For Kids Only! series features such topics as Thorrablot, an Icelandic holiday with all the rotten shark you can eat; Banned from Toy Stores: the Atomic Energy Lab science kit; Cooking with . . . Pooh! and other Crappy Book Titles; Gag-inducing Stuff Found in Fast Foods; The World’s Stupidest Apps; and Moonbows, Snowballs, and Fire from the Sky!

Lexile score: 920L
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published on September 9, 2014 by Portable Press
ISBN-10: 1626861757
ISBN-13: 9781626861756
22 Book Reviews
  • hullo
    hulloalmost 7 years
    This book was really funny and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the other book! Really good book! I recommend it for all kids.
    • catface173
      catface173almost 7 years44 stars
      Funny book ! My whole family enjoys this book. A quick note to the author is keep publishing this books . . . . .
      • cerulian
        cerulianalmost 7 years
        This seems very cute and the title is adorable. I really like books that give me interesting information and this is going to be one of those books. Everyone who likes science shouild read it and everyone who just likes to read should read it. It is turning out to be a cool book.
        • yaya35223
          yaya35223almost 7 years55 stars
          This book is amazing! I love all the books in the Uncle Johns series! This book has tons of crazy facts and stories! I would totally recommend this book!
          • coreycole
            coreycolealmost 7 years55 stars
            i love these and my om even said i could them in the bathroom with me so i read it when im in the tub too. the stories are interesting and short sometimes depending how long your in there.
            • sweetums
              sweetumsalmost 7 years
              I absolutely love uncle johns bathroom readers. sadly my library does not allow me to order this book right now but i am very excited to find out what "totally quacked" means in the future.
              • turtlenicole
                turtlenicolealmost 7 years22 stars
                "Uncle John's Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!" is a great book to be reading for ideas for the curious. It's a fun and quick easy read- great for younger children!
                • squirmyloo
                  squirmylooalmost 7 years55 stars
                  This is the second Uncle John's book I have read. This was made me laugh even more! I love the funny facts that just randomly pop up within the stories!
                  • mckenna123
                    mckenna123almost 7 years55 stars
                    I loved the cool facts it came with I learned a lot. I liked the free lunch bag that came with it too!!! I liked the little stories that were in it and how there were quizzes and activities in it.
                    • sushi321
                      sushi321almost 7 years44 stars
                      This book was A LOT better than "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! Collectible Edition" This book actually has pretty cool facts and some funny parts. I recommend it to almost everyone.

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