The Show Must Go On! (Three-Ring Rascals)

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Grades K - 3Grades 2 - 4n/a3.410005

In their trademark style, author Kate Klise and illustrator M. Sarah Klise blend a story bursting with jokes, puns, and wordplay with illustrations, signs, letters, recipes, and bold graphics to introduce Three-Ring Rascals.

When Sir Sidney, a kindly old circus owner, becomes too tired to travel with his show, he places a Help Wanted ad in the newspaper. Enter Barnabas Brambles: “I have a degree in lion taming from the University of Piccadilly Circus.” But does Leo the lion need taming? Will Elsa the elephant still get her gourmet peanuts? And what will Brambles say when he discovers Bert and Gert―two mice who travel with the circus on popcorn cleanup patrol?

Brambles has big plans: More cities! More shows! No more free popcorn. Soon he’s made a big mess of Sir Sidney’s Circus, but Leo, Elsa, Bert, Gert, and the rest of the performers agree: The Show Must Go On!

Black and white line drawings throughout.

Hardcover, 160 pages
Published on September 10, 2013 by Algonquin Young Readers
ISBN-10: 1616202440
ISBN-13: 9781616202446
17 Book Reviews
  • coreycole
    coreycolealmost 7 years22 stars
    this was ok seemed very long for something thats more like what my baby brother would read. talking animals is a little kid thng. it seemed like it was a book i read before there wasnt alot different about this one
    • inventor60
      inventor60almost 7 years22 stars
      The new circus man Brambles has big plans but they all go in a jumble yet the show must go on. This was a good book but I think it needed a little more of exclamation points.
      • bunnyzhang
        bunnyzhangalmost 7 years44 stars
        This is a great book. This book teaches you a lesson. In the book, Barnabas Brambles was a criminal (no one new yet), and was hired to be the circus boss of Sir Sidney’s circus. Barnabas Brambles lied that he was a lion tamer. He treated the animals poorly when Sir Sidney retired and went to Chicago to rest. Barnabas was greedy so he planned 24 shows a week. He changed the ticket prices and the food price. At last since he rushed, he could only do one show. That one show was the last show when Sir Sidney said he would go to. They went to the show but the animals got hurt because of Barnabas. Gert the mouse and her brother Bert taught him a lesson. At last they found out that he was a criminal since the cops showed up. I was amazed at the part that Sir Sidney gave Barnabas one more chance. Barnabas Brambles had learned a lesson.
        • redheadperson22
          redheadperson22almost 7 years44 stars
          The owner of a circus decides to go on vacation, so he decides to hire a person to look after the circus while he's gone. But the guy he hires ends up being really mean. What I thought of it: Well, this was a nice little book. I was probably significantly older than the target audience, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. The characters were pleasant. The plot was fine. The writing style was pretty good. I liked the illustrations. There's not much more to say. It probably doesn't deserve 4 stars, but I couldn't give it 3 because of the quality of the books I've given 3 stars in the past. Overall, it was a nice book,
          • snicker9
            snicker9almost 7 years44 stars
            This book was very interesting. One note is that the book is obviously meant for younger kids, especially beginning readers. Half of the book is pictures, and much dialogue is conveyed through the pictures and speech bubbles. For the most part I could understand the plot line, but in some areas it was difficult. The story is about a famous circus. The owner needs a vacation, so he hires a man while he goes away for a week. Little does he know that the man is a fake, and his only goal is profit for himself. This is the story of the crazy week where the talking animals must face cruelty and a different life. i recommend this book to younger kids, and older kids might become bored.
            • bobelly
              bobellyalmost 7 years44 stars
              The reason I thought it was funny was that every time Barnabas didn't have things go his way because he was mean. The pictures and characters were fun too.
              • maddykate
                maddykatealmost 7 years11 star
                this book really was not for me it had a funny idea and it was written well but it was more for younger kids not me.
                • squirmyloo
                  squirmylooalmost 7 years44 stars
                  I really enjoyed the story in the beginning. I did not like the replacement circus man, but I think he learned his lesson in the end!
                  • genius1326
                    genius1326almost 7 years44 stars
                    Pretty cheesy, I reckon it is a book for little kids, but I wasn't that interested in the book. It wasn't all that bad, though. I guess It is OK, Cheesy, but ok.
                    • jeffdaboss
                      jeffdabossabout 7 years33 stars
                      Sir Sidney is too old to take care of his successful circus, so he asks if anybody would want his job. Many people would love to be in charge, but Barnabus Brambles gets the job. When Sir Sidney leaves, BB(Barnabus Brambles) changes a LOT. He makes it 3 shows a day instead of 1, Increases price to $5 for admission, tries to sell the elephant and lion, and most all, was a terrible person to the animals. But because of his stupid mistakes, he ended up with $1 instead of his original calculation, $26,250. But he becomes a better person, thanks to Sir Sidney. Sir Sidney allows BB to run the circus because he becomes a better man.

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