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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5T4.531031
In Iowa circa 1929, spunky twelve-year-old Tugs vows to turn her family s luck around, with the help of a Brownie camera and a small-town mystery.

Tugs Esther Button was born to a luckless family. Buttons don t presume to be singers or dancers. They aren t athletes or artists, good listeners, or model citizens. The one time a Button ever made the late Goodhue Gazette - before Harvey Moore came along with his talk of launching a new paper - was when Great Grandaddy Ike accidentally set Town Hall ablaze. Tomboy Tugs looks at her hapless family and sees her own reflection looking back until she befriends popular Aggie Millhouse, wins a new camera in the Independence Day raffle, and stumbles into a mystery only she can solve. Suddenly this is a summer of change - and by its end, being a Button may just turn out to be what one clumsy, funny, spirited, and very observant young heroine decides to make of it.
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on April 12, 2011 by Candlewick Press
ISBN-10: 9780763650667
ISBN-13: 9780763650667
15 Book Reviews
  • inventor60
    inventor60almost 7 years55 stars
    The Buttons have had no luck at all. As the generations pass, the children grow up to be to be a nothing at all. Until Esther finds a place as a friend in the popular girl, Annie's life and wins a camera in a raffle. It is here that her life takes a turn to luck, and a mystery arises.
    • cerulian
      cerulianalmost 7 years
      In this book, Tuggs is the main character. She lives in a family where they do not have very good luck. In the story, the town goes through some changes and things seem to turn around for Tuggs and her luckless family. Tuggs even wins a camera in a raffle. This book shows that even young kids can save the day.
      • coreycole
        coreycolealmost 7 years22 stars
        everybody has lucky stuff i guess but my mom made me get this from the library because it was on my list and i didnt want it. she had a button lost it and thought her luck was gone because of the button then she found her luck and the button later
        • ijzhang
          ijzhangalmost 7 years11 star
          I didn't get very far into The Luck of the Buttons. It's kind of hard to understand and I was confused about what was going on in the beginning, because they don't really tell much about the characters and the setting. So I just stopped reading, and I don't recommend it.
          • gso44
            gso44almost 7 years
            I don't want to be mean but this book was the worst book I've ever read. Its not even about the luck of any buttons. This book has nothing to do with the title.
            • sushi321
              sushi321almost 7 years11 star
              This book was rather boring and and lacked an interest level. It didn't even mention about about buttons or anything. It was terrible! I don't recommend it!!!!!!!!!!! :(
              • kitkat1998
                kitkat1998almost 7 years11 star
                This book is boring and the plot is confusing. The characters are flat and uninteresting the the conflict in the book does not happen until the final few chapters. I do not recommend this book.
                • redheadperson22
                  redheadperson22almost 7 years33 stars
                  Warning! This review may contain spoilers. I don't even know what the plot was so I can't explain it. What I though of it: Well, the story just kind of seemed to string itself along. It didn't really seem to have much structure. The characters were ok, though they didn't really seem like people. They just really seemed like characters that were written and did what the person who wrote the book wanted them to do. One minute they'll do something, then the next minute, they'll do something else that you wouldn't necessary think that they'd do. It was like their personalities shifted whenever it was necessary for the plot. It should've been longer (for the sake of the plot/story), but then there what've been no chance of me reading/finishing it. It really wasn't that interesting. It feels like I've read other books like it, and they were all better. It really doesn't deserve this high a rating, but I rated The Girl Who Could Fly 2 stars, and this book wasn't as bad so I was forced to give it 3. Overall, it wasn't that great, but it wasn't horrible.
                  • snicker9
                    snicker9almost 7 years44 stars
                    The Luck of the Buttons is about a young girl namesTugs Button. Her family is famous for the fact that they are simply not lucky. But then things keep going Tugs' way, and she is determined to be different from her family members. Then a stranger shows up, charming everyone with his desire to open a newspaper to the town. Then he starts collecting money in order to start his business. But Tugs is suspicious. Is Moore who he says he is? Will he take advantage of her town? This is a charming historical fiction book set in 1929, in a small Mid-West town. I would recommend it for any age group. However, the story is slow-paced and younger children might not enjoy the book as much. Also, since this book is set in the past, some younger people may not know certain terms, or the way life was back then. However, I found this book delightful, and am excited to read the rest of the series.
                    • glittermis
                      glittermisalmost 7 years33 stars
                      Tugs button was born into a family that didnt have much luck. They weren't singers, artists or athletes. Tugs was pretty lucky for a member of a family with no luck. She became friends with a popular girl and they won a 3 legged race. She even won an essay contest on the same day. The most luck she had was when she found herself unveiling the plans of a conman, saving her entire town from being robbed. I liked this book and would recommend it to ages 8-12.

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