Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 4n/a3.734930
A boy escapes home to seek his own way in the world in a whimsical new outing by the award-winning David Almond, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

Stanley Potts’s uncle Ernie has developed an over-the-top fascination with canning fish in the house, and life at 69 Fish Quay Lane has turned barmy. But there’s darkness in the madness, and when Uncle Ernie’s obsession takes an unexpectedly cruel turn, Stan has no choice but to leave. As he journeys away from the life he’s always known, he mingles with a carnival full of eccentric characters and meets the legendary Pancho Pirelli, the man who swims in a tank full of perilous piranhas. Will Stan be bold enough to dive in the churning waters himself and choose his own destiny?
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published on August 6, 2013 by Candlewick
ISBN-10: 0763661694
ISBN-13: 9780763661694
12 Book Reviews
  • inventor60
    inventor60over 6 years22 stars
    When Stanley's uncle takes an evil turn, He must leave home at travel far away. Until....... he meets the well known Pancho and the Piranhas.
    • catface173
      catface173almost 7 years33 stars
      Funny book ! Sounds funny and it is funny. I love this author ! I think another book I like is called NO DAVID !
      • 5680saf
        5680safalmost 7 years44 stars
        This book was a bit boring in the beginning, but it got better towards the end. This book is about a boy who leaves home to pursue an adventure.
        • jeffdaboss
          jeffdabossalmost 7 years44 stars
          Stan doesn't want to live in his uncle's fish factory. So he runs away with the carnival. He meets Dostoyevsky and Nitasha, a father and daughter who own the hook-a-duck stall. There he meets new people. Even more importantly, he meets Pancho Pirelli. They world famous person who swims with piranhas. Pirelli thinks Stan is the new Pirelli. Is Stan going to be able to be a Pirelli and find his uncle and aunt?
          • genius1326
            genius1326almost 7 years33 stars
            A book about sadness, and adventure. But it was hard to follow, but actually, it was not bad at all! Just that it was fun, and better than you think. I will reccomend it.
            • ejvarga
              ejvargaalmost 7 years44 stars
              This is such a good book!!! ;) I am still in the middle of the book but is super good!!! Will Stanley do it!!!!! can't wait to keep reading!
              • kjtennis
                kjtennisalmost 7 years44 stars
                Stanley Potts is a normal boy. Except his house is filled with fish chopping machines. Stan's Uncle Ernie and Aunt Annie have raised him ever since his parents died. But one day, Stan runs away to a family at a traveling fair. They bring him with them as they travel. At the next fairground, Stanley meets the famous Pancho Pirelli, who is known for swimming with piranhas. Pancho chooses Stanley to be his successor. Will Stanley be ready to swim with the piranhas?
                • sweetums
                  sweetumsalmost 7 years22 stars
                  im not very far into this book, but im not finding it to be very good. Im not a reluctant reader but im feeling very reluctant to finsh this book.
                  • snicker9
                    snicker9almost 7 years44 stars
                    The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas is an interesting story about a young orphan, Stan Potts. When Stan's parents died he went to live with his Uncle Ernie and Aunt Annie. But then Ernie lost his job, and became an entrepreneur, starting his own business in his home-canning fish. He cans fish and Stan is trapped inside the house-turned-factory. Ernie is out of control. One day Ernie does something cruel and so Stan runs away, to a carnival. He finds a new family, and is being taught new things. Then he gets the ultimate offer. Will he swim with piranhas? Will he go home? What will happen to young Stan Potts? This is one of those stories where you can't tell what genre it is. The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas is a mix of fantasy and realistic fiction. This is a book clearly meant for younger kids, although there are questionable parts where parents may not want their kids to read about. This is a book about family struggles, destiny, and finding yourself.
                    • kitkat1998
                      kitkat1998almost 7 years11 star
                      This book is rather pointless. These is no plot, the characters are one dimensional, and the ending leaves much to be desired. I do not recommend this book.

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