May the Best Twin Win (It Takes Two)

Book 7 of 10 in the It Takes Two Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 6n/a5.125070
Ava and Alex are taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level in the seventh book of the It Takes Two series!

It’s Homecoming Week in Ashland! That means a big game, a big dance, and, most importantly, Powder Puff. But when Alex and Ava are placed on different teams for the middle school girls’ flag football game, trouble brews. Ava is getting loads of extra attention because of her athletic ability, but this leaves Alex feeling majorly left out. Not one to hide from a little competition, Alex is determined to beat her sister at her own game by becoming her team’s secret weapon!

But Ava isn’t worried about her jealous sister or Powder Puff. Because she has ADHD, she’s supposed to get extra time on her tests, but her new substitute science teacher is refusing to give it to her. Ava knows it isn’t fair—but how is she supposed to fix things in her science class and win Powder Puff for her team?
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published on May 26, 2015 by Simon Spotlight
ISBN-10: 1481431358
ISBN-13: 9781481431354
17 Book Reviews
  • hullo
    hulloalmost 7 years44 stars
    I liked this book! It was about 2 twin sisters who are both on different teams. I actually, sort of felt what it is like to have a twin. Good book!
    • inventor60
      inventor60almost 7 years33 stars
      Alex and Ava are placed in different teams in the so called game of Powder Puff. Either of them are determined to win but cannot do so without have certain problems interfere in their game.
      • catface173
        catface173almost 7 years22 stars
        I normally love books about twins but this book was ok!! No offense but they don't really look alike . . . . . .
        • usaswimmer
          usaswimmeralmost 7 years55 stars
          The sum up seems so interesting hope it turns out with a good ending I don't whats going to happen I hpe I will like it!
          • squirmyloo
            squirmylooalmost 7 years44 stars
            At first I had a hard time relating to the characters, because I have a little brother. Then I imagined my friends who I was kind of competitive with last year. Then I ended up liking the book!
            • bunnyzhang
              bunnyzhangalmost 7 years55 stars
              I am reading May The Best Twin Win. It is a splendid book. This is because; it is about two twin sisters Ava and Alex. They both are in the Flag Football Game and on separate teams. They are each other’s opponent. Flag Football is when they play football but they have to grab each other’s flags. When the game started Alex’s team is winning I was surprised, Ava’s team was supposed to be more athletic. When Ava stole a flag from Alex, I was shocked. The book did not say anything about Ava at that time. Alex was about to score! I bet Ava’s pretty fast. I stopped at this time, I can’t wait to keep reading!
              • coreycole
                coreycolealmost 7 years22 stars
                very girly. made me want a twin but i just have a fat baby brother. made a having a twin brother or sister sound like fun.
                • horseluv
                  horseluvabout 7 years55 stars
                  Ava and Alex are both hoping to win the Powder Puff for their team at Homecoming. When they are put on opposite teams, the race is on! Then, while Alex is having a jealousy problem, Ava's science teacher won't let her have extra time to work on projects. (Because of her ADHD). Who will win the Power Puff? And will Ava finish her science project in time?:)
                  • nurahm3d
                    nurahm3dabout 7 years55 stars
                    When I first read the title it reminded me about these twins in my old school. Ever single day they do challenges to see who was the best at doing things but I enjoyed reading this book
                    • daddysblue
                      daddysblueabout 7 years
                      after reading the first two books this one is by far the best! I hope this series continues becuase each book leaves you saying "i hope there's more, I hope there's more!' this one is the one that says you'll miss me when I'm gone :)

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