Andi Under Pressure (An Andi Boggs Novel)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.335415

Twelve-year-old Andora ‘Andi’ Boggs and her new best friend Colin Carter couldn’t be more excited to attend the prestigious science camp at the local university in Killdeer, Ohio. Unfortunately, Discovery Camp’s curriculum appears to include much more than just chemistry and biology. From day one, the university is plagued by a series of pranks—missing markers, loose crickets, and stolen scales. Campus security blames the mysterious janitor Polk, but even though Andi agrees he’s acting suspicious, she can’t believe the gentle old man would do anything illegal. Then one prank goes too far and their chemistry professor is injured by an explosion in the lab, upping the stakes of the investigation. Andi and Colin must unravel the secrets behind the chemistry department and Polk’s dark past before danger closes the camp for good.

Praise for the series:

2013 Agatha Award Nominee

“In the upstanding tradition of Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy, Andi is spunky and unafraid to take risks” – Booklist

“A fun little detective story with some simple life lessons.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Flower creates a cast of memorable characters and a colorful, historically detailed setting.” – Publishers Weekly

Hardcover, 176 pages
Published on September 16, 2014 by Zonderkidz
ISBN-10: 0310737028
ISBN-13: 9780310737025
15 Book Reviews
  • bookworm890
    bookworm890almost 7 years
    In the second book of the Andi Boggs series, Andi attends a science camp. All is not as it seems though, and a series of innocent pranks result in the injury of a professor. Can Andi, with her sleuth skills, catch the culprit before they close camp? This books is perfect for fans of Nancy Drew.
    • hullo
      hulloalmost 7 years
      This book is pretty good adventure book . The mystery or whatever wasn't really that mysterious but it was okay. There was a little science in it though.
      • wizkidd
        wizkiddalmost 7 years
        it wasn't as exciting as i hopped for and i told my couusin to read and he did and he also said that it was boring
        • inventor60
          inventor60almost 7 years55 stars
          Andi and her new best friend Colin have trouble up front. They just joined a science camp at a university filled with suspicious acts. 1. missing markers 2. loose crickets 3. and worse a professor is injured in an explosion. And the number 1 suspect: Polk, the janitor.
          • kitkat1998
            kitkat1998almost 7 years33 stars
            This is a pretty good book, but it is rather short and the plot is not really a mystery, more of an adventure. I would not have minded if there had been a few more chapters, but as I said before, it is a pretty good book.
            • Skatergirl13almost 7 years
              This is a really good book! You can relate to it and most of all it has just enough mystery that it does not make u scared! Recommend it to all ages! GOOD BOOK HERE!!!! ;0
              • tjovanovic
                tjovanovicalmost 7 years
                This book is filled with friendship and family. It is about Andi and her best friend Colin solving a mystery at their Discovery Camp. They have to race to prove that the harmless janitor with a dark past is innocent. You just can't stop reading the book till it's done. I hope there is a third book and I definitely recommend this book.
                • genius1326
                  genius1326about 7 years33 stars
                  It was fine, but not really so. So two 12 year-olds, Andora and her new best friend, Colin, are really happy because they are going to a cool science camp. So they pack up and go, but when they get there, the first day is bombed with all sorts of pranks. People soon start blaming and having suspicions, and most are pointed to the janitor, Mr.Polka. The friends soon try to get to the bottom of the mystery, but I don't want to spoil the end. :)
                  • bibliophile
                    bibliophileabout 7 years44 starsFeatured
                    I really enjoyed the first book... the mystery was this book should be really fun too... right??? Well it was definitely suspenseful... and awesome... Meet Andora or Andi and her best friend Colin... after being able to go to the science camp... they have a mystery in their hands... there have been pranks going on.. but one going way out of the line... an explosion... Andi and Colin are determined to solve the mystery for once and for all. The security blames the janitor, and Andi agrees that he seems really mysterious... Who is sabotaging the Discovery Campy? And the most important question that follows the first question is why would they play pranks... what is their motive? To find out, then READ this amazing book! Trust me you will not regret... yes I'll admit it starts off slow, but the plot will soon become faster and faster! For fans of the first book, or looking for a mystery book... then this book is for you! Enjoy! :-)
                    • daddysblue
                      daddysblueabout 7 years55 stars
                      This book is full of adventure and pranks! Whta a lovely book to read about escpecially when science is included! this book by far is maybe the best book ive read in while!

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