No Dogs Allowed (Ready, Set, Dogs!)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades K - 3Grades 1 - 4n/a3.39146

Kate and Lucie are best friends. Kate is neat and Lucie is messy. Kate wakes up early and Lucie loves to sleep in. But both girls love, love, love dogs!

Unfortunately, Kate and Lucie live in apartments where dogs are not allowed. Instead of real dogs, they have dog T-shirts, dog sheets and pajamas, and dog books. But nothing is quite the same as having a real dog.

One day, the girls discover sparkly pink dog necklaces at the thrift store and try them on. But when they admire themselves in the mirror and give each other high fives, there is a pop and a whoosh and the girls are turned into dogs! Now it seems like Kate and Lucie won't need their own pet dogs . . . because they'll be having furry adventures of their own!

Hardcover, 128 pages
Published on October 1, 2013 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
ISBN-10: 0805096450
ISBN-13: 9780805096453
31 Book Reviews
  • timekeaper
    timekeaperalmost 2 years
    I love dogs I have a puppy she is small I love her so much.
    • bleh234over 7 years
      What type of dogs are Lucie and Kate
      • bleh234over 7 years
        I'm wondering what type of dogs are Lucie and Kate?
        • selina
          selinaalmost 8 years55 stars
          This book is about how two girls buy two necklaces that have a dog bone charm and whenever they high five the girls turn into dogs. One day the girls were already dogs and two boys saw the girls/dogs and started chasing the girls/dogs because the boys didn`t know the dogs were and thought maybe we can keep the dogs. Later the girls and the boys [the ones chasing the girls] were singing the song the girls had thought of. In the end the two boys and girls heard their name on the radio and started to cheer. Since they were in a store the person who worked there gave them a chocolate bar.
          • asma234
            asma234almost 8 years33 stars
            Kate and Lucie are the cutest best friends.They are the total opposite of one another,but one thing the same about them is the love of dogs.As you would guess there's something stopping them both from having dogs,and that is living in a apartment.Some things really are hard about living in apartments.I'm just glad I don't live in one.They can't have dogs in there apartments.Because they can't have dogs they have a bunch of things that are dog themed.One day they go into a shop and find these really cute necklaces.There so happy about them that they high five each other,and when they do this they turn into (I'm gonna let you find out).
            • kerahughes
              kerahughesabout 8 years55 stars
              not really my type sorry #sad
              • tim0706
                tim0706about 8 years11 star
                Didn't like it. It was about two dogs that were best friends. It wasn't that fun. It wasn't my type of book at all because I'm a guy and I don't really get the girl stuff.
                • sweetheart352
                  sweetheart352about 8 years
                  I want to read this book soon. I love books with animals, and I love books about dogs! I can't wait to get this book and read it.
                  • bibliophile
                    bibliophileabout 8 years22 stars
                    It starts off with two girls named Kate and Lucie and they are best friends. They are dog lovers (I can totally relate to that, I love dogs, they're so cute and fluffy... and now I'm getting off topic) anyways they live in apartments where dogs are not allowed. But other than actual real life dogs they have almost everything that is related to dogs. I thought this book was adorable, their friendship was cute, and their love for dogs was just so... I don't know sweet. This book was a light, easy, and cute read.
                    • loveeangelina
                      loveeangelinaabout 8 years33 stars
                      Kate and Lucie are best friends who buy a pair of necklaces at a thrift shop. Imagine their surprise when they turn into dogs after saying "Woofa-woof" to each other and high-fiving!