Chances are, a hobo would moon me on the train before a hot guy asks me out-- I'm plain, a little chubby and definitely not hot stuff like the socialites of Gossipy Girl or what-not. But hey, guess what, the Prince of Uptown, Jaiden Daniels, just singled me out among dozens of other girls and he's hired me to become his maid/bodyguard and pretend girlfriend. He wants me to pretend to be his love interest so his parents would stop matchmaking him with socialite airheads and a crazy Princess. Acting to be in love with Jaiden is hard, even though he's gorgeous, because I've been in love with my best friend Kiterin since forever. Too bad Kiterin has a gorgeous girlfriend. So here I am, ordinary-girl Mina Lin, star of a real teenage soap-opera involving love polygons (I love Kit, Kit doesn't love me, Jaiden's falling for me?), evil socialites, backstabbing, twists and turns--wait until you hear what happens when Jaiden's kidnapped. It's Mina Lin with her Mina-jitsu (a martial arts style I've perfected) to the rescue! Find out what happens in my story, Maid for Me by Kat Lieu.
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Kindle Edition, 138 pages
Published on November 17, 2009 by Nummyz Productions
3 Book Reviews
  • rageandl0v
    rageandl0valmost 10 years55 starsFeatured
    Mira is a girl with a mom that's addicted to gambling, a desperate love for her best friend, and not enough money to keep the house that holds millions of precious memories of her and her dad. Desperate for cash, she becomes a temporary maid, but instead gets thrown into the most complicated adventure of her life. Mira's story will hook you through all of her happy and sad, intense and relieving moments, even after the last page.
    • baby_girl
      baby_girlabout 11 years
      Lol love this book :) <3
      • mik99
        mik99about 11 years
        An exhilarating book about a girl who becomes a maid for money, but ends up with so much more. This book will have your heart racing, and at the end you'll be itching for more.