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Grades 3 - 6Grades 3 - 6n/a5.669311
Ruby Redfort is a genius code-cracker, a daring detective, and a gadget-laden special agent who just happens to be a 13-year-old girl. She and her slick side-kick butler, Hitch, foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains, but they're always ice-cool in a crisis.
Hardcover, 432 pages
Published on September 1, 2011 by HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN-10: 0007334060
ISBN-13: 9780007334063
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  • The Reviewerover 3 years
    I read Clarice Bean when I was younger and as I grew up I thought Lauren Childs books was for eight year olds. But my freind recommended this for me so I gave it a go and Oh My God it was amazing! This is a book about a young girl who stumbles across a trail of clues to see if she was worthy for a secret agency she passes and becomes the worlds first 13 year old detective. She makes history. But not before she almos gets buried alive, steals some gadgets from HQ, and breaks up with her freind. It's a bit boring for the fist half but then I promise you won't be able to put it down. This book is for 9 plus, not because it's rude or anything just because it is a bit boring and has quite a few hard words.
    • lemonpie5105
      lemonpie5105almost 5 years44 stars
      I was never a big reader . But this was the book that induced me to the wonderful world of books. i would definitely give this book a go. It may seem a bit boring for some at the start but it is very promising mystery/crime novel.
      • callie_b
        callie_bover 5 years55 stars
        This is a great first book from British author Lauren Child. I really got sucked into the book and I bet you will too! Ruby transitions from an average middle schooler to a secret agency code cracking job! It's supposed to be a desk job ONLY because the agency had just lost their previous code cracker and they don't want it to happen again. But will Ruby and her friend Clancy take a chance and dive into the action to do what's right?
        • purpleberry
          purpleberryabout 6 years55 stars
          Its a really good book, filled with exciting and thrilling parts. Lauren Child really knows how to write and that's why I really recommend this book.
          • lemonade11
            lemonade11over 6 years
            This book was extremely exciting and had lots of cliffhangers and suspense. I agree with snicker9, that it is for 10 and up. In this book, Ruby is an amazing code cracker! She needs to figure out how to help who she is secretly working with. Her "butler" is quite the character too. I totally recommend this book, and be ready for suspense!
            • penguin313
              penguin313almost 7 years55 stars
              I won this book as a summer prize, and it was pretty good. It tells about Ruby Redfort, master code breaker, hired by a spy agency, from a rich but dim family, age thirteen. I recommend this book.
              • pup101
                pup101about 7 years55 stars
                Ruby Redfort is a great book, especially if you are someone who likes mystery and or adventure. It is about a girl who is really good at cracking codes. She starts getting these mysterious phone calls and every time she picks up the person on the other side says.................What? You think that I'm a spoiler? You'll just have to read this book to find out the rest.
                • inventor60
                  inventor60about 7 years55 stars
                  It is time to go back to her beginnings, the time when ruby first entered the world of of being a detective. Showcasing the challenges that faced.... meet the
                  • bibliophile
                    bibliophileover 7 years44 stars
                    When I was younger... I used to pretend I was Nancy Drew always looking for mysteries that I can solve... the only mystery I came across was "who ate the last slice of the delicious cheesecake?" or "where's my toy?" and those type of mysteries... of course I did solve them except for finding my missing toys... (and to this day I still don't know where they are XD) Anyways... I outgrew my Nancy Drew series... and I came across these series... the Ruby Redfort series... Meet Ruby Redfort, a genius, a code decipherer, a detective... what else can you ask for a thirteen years old... actually a lot more... Ruby receives a call where it's all in riddles, where she tries to make sense of it... and BAM... the story goes everywhere... there is a plot... but it doesn't go in order... I know I probably sound like I am rambling... but I'm not... (I took a shot to get a stronger immune system for the rambling diseases *sorry it's an inside joke... and I had to say it XD*) ok but if you actually read it you'll understand... Even though it is all over the place.. you can actually see how it's coming sense to you that you want to keep on read and read it...A few things happened to Ruby... she gets asked to join an agency and she's one step closer to Fool's Gold Gang plan... Can she solve the case??? Well it's up to you to read and find out! Enjoy! :)
                    • kitkat1998
                      kitkat1998over 7 years44 stars
                      This book is an engaging read about a code-breaking, secret agent 13-year-old. Its very fun and has the right amount of mysterious happening to keep the reader happy until the final word. I highly recommend this book.