Let's Clear the Air: 10 Reasons Not to Start Smoking

(ages 9 - 12) This collection of stories and interviews is the result of a simple question: "Why won't you start smoking?" Readers won't feel like they are being preached to, because the anti-tobacco message is being delivered by kids just like them. The stories, based on life experiences and observations, are diverse, personal, and smart – sometimes painful, sometimes funny. The ten reasons include the poor health of parents who smoke, addiction, self-image, the environment, and relationships. Our young contributors also bring up issues that kids might not consider, such as how cigarettes affect one's personal appearance, athletic performance, and bank account. The media's portrayal of smoking and the unscrupulous marketing tactics used by tobacco companies are also discussed. The stories are complemented by edgy illustrations, examples of anti-tobacco activism, quotes from nonsmoking celebrities, a foreword by Christy Turlington, important health facts, "instant history facts," and other sidebars which present the ugly truth about cigarettes.
Paperback, 192 pages
Published on October 31, 2007 by Lobster Press
ISBN-10: 1897073666
ISBN-13: 9781897073667
1 Book Review
  • markl20
    markl20about 6 years
    The story of the book is about how bad smoking is and its ugly truth. The main character's name was Ray Kimmel he is person who got all the facts and went to the journey, to find out the truth, His problems was the facts, and the research after getting all the evidence done he had to organize the structure, and find out if the prove he got was fairly real? My favorite character was one of the Teen in the story because he was really against smoking plus he is western has a weird tone of talking. I could relate myself to the people who gave Ray the information because most of them was against smoking.