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Grades K - 3Grades 1 - 4M3.59214
Good moods, bad moods, can't-stand-Jessica-Finch moods. Judy Moody is back with her many hilarious moods.

Fans of JUDY MOODY already know that Judy has a mood for every occasion—and this time Judy is in a jealous mood. Jealous of classmate Jessica Finch, that is, who gets her picture on the front page of the newspaper. When Judy sets off in pursuit of her own fame and happiness, watch out! She's so determined, she just might find it, or she might merely become more INFAMOUS than ever. Her latest adventures are sure to put readers in a very Judy Moody mood!
Published on April 1, 2003 by Perfection Learning
ISBN-10: 0756919452
ISBN-13: 9780756919450
36 Book Reviews
  • silvergirl
    silvergirlabout 1 year55 stars
    Love this book it is so great I love you can read for free
    • rubygirllover
      rubygirlloverabout 1 year55 stars
      I love this book, I can read it in one night without getting tired. Its a good book. I would say share it with friends, and family. I love to read it, I've loved to read it. Its the best book for 4 and older to read. Even though it says for 6-9, 4 year old's can still read it or just look at the photos.
    • littlehowler56
      littlehowler56over 2 years22 stars
      good book. but is easily confused with other books
      • unicornbrain
        unicornbrainover 3 years33 stars
        Another easy chapter book for you to enjoy. I read this one in 2 days as well. I enjoyed this book because it is kind of what I am experiencing with some of my peers having been in a few commercials and in the newspaper recently. Judy is like my friends, a little jealous because her friend's is in the newspaper for winning a spelling bee. The book helped me understand why some of my friends were not being nice to me and it helped me talk to them. My favorite part would be when Judy makes the broken, weird-looking, dolls in the hospital look like nice patients that are healing. This shows that being kind and doing for others when it comes from the heart will make you famous, too!
        • yennli202
          yennli202over 3 years55 stars
          The book of Judy Moody Gets famous is a nice book to read. Judy moody heard that Jessica was the Queen Bee Judy moody didn’t feel good she not want to look back at her. When Judy went home she try to spell she wasted saying to herself gift a science she tried ever day but something happen. My favorite part is when her mom said she is on a tv show .And Judy said I’m to yes mom said yes Sink said what about me you wasn’t why because you were born in a JEEP .You will love this book because it is interesting to read.
          • bunny66
            bunny66about 4 years55 stars
            Judy Moody books are great! I love these books they are so funny. This book is about Judy Moody wanting to famous because Jessica Finch is famous for being the queen bee. (that means spelling bee master) and that is how Judy Moody wanted to be famous. So she comes up with ideas to be famous some of them are silly-VERY silly. So that is what the book is about. I would recommend this book and rate is a five star.
            • Raavi over 4 years
              Interesting book
              • Raavi over 4 years
                • great12
                  great12over 4 years44 stars
                  i reccomend the book judy moody gets famous by Megan McDonald because her anoying friend jessica finch is famous! and judy moody wants to be famous too! and somehow her elbow gets famous!
                  • gabbygirl
                    gabbygirlover 6 years55 stars
                    I loved Judy Moody Gets Famous and would recommend this book. My favorite part is when Judy's friend's little brother ate the cherry pit.