Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

Book 10 of 13 in the Judy Moody Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades K - 3Grades 1 - 3M3.014347
Megan McDonald’s story — as featured in Judy’s uber-cool movie — is back in a must have edition illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. RARE!

Roar! It’s not bad enough that Mom and Dad are heading to California, leaving Judy and Stink with Aunt Awful (er, Opal), but now two of Judy’s friends are going Splitsville, too. Just when it looks like her summer is going to be BOR-ing- eureka! — Judy comes up with the most thrill-a-delic plan ever. Get ready for a race involving tightrope walking, Scream Monster riding, and way more! Add in a treasure hunt for Judy’s teacher, a midnight stakeout, a runaway ice cream truck, and a dash of Bigfoot, and what have you got? The Judy Moodiest summer ever!
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published on April 10, 2012 by Candlewick
ISBN-10: 0763657115
ISBN-13: 9780763657116
59 Book Reviews
  • 12345year
    12345yearabout 1 year55 stars
    I read it because it's funny
    • 29zabraham
      29zabrahamover 1 year55 stars
      We read this with our class and its really funny! They even made a movie about it!
    • ltrain
      ltrainover 1 year55 stars
      It's a really good book to read Judy moody has a lot of adventures in this book and if you like books about adventures you'll love the Judy moody books😀
      • kcloveballet
        kcloveballetalmost 2 years55 stars
        It's a very good book
        • prdr
          prdralmost 2 years55 stars
          awsome book to read ya'll
          • voulter
            voulteralmost 2 years55 stars
            It look Cool I to read by the cover of the book.Anybody please tell me how to read the book.😁Nevermind I think you click the blue words.Right
            • unicornbrain
              unicornbrainover 3 years44 stars
              I am hanging out with my cousins this summer, so I thought this would be a good book to read because Judy and her friends make a bucket list of things to do that will make the summer totally awesome! But things don't work out the way she plans, but some other cool plans like a treasure hunt and bigfoot club makes her summer not just fun but funtastic! The bigfoot hunt club is too funny. My favorite part would be when Judy and Frank tried to tip rope walk over a small body of water but ended up wet in the water. You need to read the book to see how the both hunts collide for Judy! Easy read that I finished in two days.
              • spacepenguin
                spacepenguinover 3 years55 stars
                This book is a part of the Judy Moody series. These are fiction about a girl in third grade and her brother, Stink, who is in second grade. This book was about Judy Moody during her summer break and how she had a "thrill-points" race with her friends so their summer would be fun. I would recommend this book for 5 to 11 year olds. I really like the Judy Moody books, and I think you will too.😃 😁 😂 ☺️
                • Ianabout 5 years
                  The book is awsome! I love the book and the movie. Judy moody is my favorite book! I wish I had a mood ring like her. ROAR! tell Meagan McDonald that she is awsome!
                  • ivela82
                    ivela82almost 6 years55 stars
                    i love it and i saw the movie and ate 5 bags of hot cheetos and they were big and to takis and a big bag to