Home for the Holidays (The Mother-Daughter Book Club)

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Grades 4 - 8Grade 6n/a5.183392
This Christmas season, join the girls of the mother-daughter book club for a variety of holiday-themed adventures! Becca, Megan, Emma, Cassidy and Jess have plenty of reading material to bring on their trips, too, because the book club is tackling the Betsy-Tacy series before their next meeting on New Year’s Eve.

But unfortunately, nothing goes quite as planned for any of the girls. On a Christmas cruise with their families, Megan and Becca fight over the dashing son of the ship's captain. Cassidy and her family fly back to California to visit Cassidy's sister Courtney... but when the West Coast causes homesickness for their former life in Laguna Beach, the family begins to question what state they should call home. And a disastrous sledding accident causes both Emma and Jess to completely change their holiday plans.

Between squabbles, injuries, and blizzards, everything seems to be going wrong. Will the girls be able to find their holiday spirit in time for Christmas?

Hardcover, 352 pages
Published on October 4, 2011 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 1442406852
ISBN-13: 9781442406858
7 Book Reviews
  • mkd5
    mkd5over 6 years44 stars
    Very nice book, Becca's perspective is finally added! You will see parts of her you didn't know...
    • ikyra_marie
      ikyra_marieover 8 years
      cool!i really want to read this series!
      • lionsrcute1
        lionsrcute1over 8 years
        In Home for the Holidays by Heather Vogel Fredrick, the character who faces the most problems is Becca. In every Mother-Daughter book club book, there is always 1 girl out of the 4 girls who has a family problem. In the book, Becca is still feeling a little uncomfortable about being friends with Emma, Cassidy, and Jess. Megan is her friend, so she is fine with her. She is uncomfortable because she used to tease Emma and Jess a lot, and she always hated Cassidy. Even worse for her, her family is having money issues, because her dad lost his job. I think that the main thing in this book is about their friendship together, and how they kept it together. Along the way, Becca messes up a few times, like stealing one of Megan’s friends, and playing mean pranks out of selfishness. In this book, I would say is when Becca is having sort of a self-conflict, because she still feels a little guilty about used being mean to all of them. She seems to really want to become their friends, but sometimes, her old habits still get in the way. Christmas was coming up, and Becca did not want any of her friends to know that her family was broke, so was always in a really bad mood, and never explaining herself, causing the other girls to get mad at her, because it seems likes Becca is jealous of something, or mad. Meanwhile, Emma and Jess, friends who have never fought before are now fighting, right before Christmas. Jess is mad at Emma, because Emma keeps listening to what Jess’s cousin, Felicia is saying about her. All of the girls keep fighting because people around them are playing pranks on them, causing them to blame each other. The story switches around to multiple points of views, and I realized that they all just misunderstood each other when they got into fights. Like what we used in class, I think the author’s goal is to show a character’s motivation, but by using different points of views for the reader to find out what was happening. The goals the author showed were what made the story interesting, in my opinion. This review was also for my home log.
        • athleticamazin
          athleticamazinover 8 years55 stars
          Home for the Holidays (The Mother-Daughter Book Club) by Heather Vogel Frederick is super fantastic book! I loved it a lot!
          • Loonaalmost 10 years
            I absolutely love this book who here almosts cries when simon breaks up with her!!
            • dogogal
              dogogalover 10 years55 stars
              I agree Mad4tennis. Ive read ever single book! The next book is comming out in September 11, 2012. Its called Wish you were Eyre!
              • mad4tennis
                mad4tennisalmost 11 years
                If you haven't read this series you are missing out! it is so good and it makes you want to read all these classics like Anne of Green Gables, or Pride and Prejudice.