Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.: Unofficial Quiz & Trivia Book (Harry Potter Quiz Books) (Volume 1)

Attention Harry Potter fans! How much do you REALLY know about Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Are you the ultimate expert on the boy who lived? Well now you can find out. See just how many questions you can answer correctly. Get the answer wrong and you can try again. Get the answer right and you will get some trivia about Harry Potter that even YOU might not know. See how many you get right. Play against your friends then check your scores. Are you a Muggle or a Wizard? Find out today with this fun Harry Potter quiz and trivia book. And then see all the other books in the series.
Paperback, 52 pages
Published on September 8, 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 1537549049
ISBN-13: 9781537549040
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  • bnutbutter
    bnutbutteralmost 4 years44 stars
    You should read it because it is fun to read, and J.K Rowling is a really good author. It is about Harry who lost his parents and had to live with his mean aunt and uncle and cousin Dudley. Harry gradually finds out that he is a wizard.