Hannah West: Sleuth on the Trail (Nancy Pearl's Book Crush Rediscoveries)

Hannah West loves her latest dog-walking gig with Elvis the basset hound, who is showing her around the new Seattle neighborhood where she and her mom are house-sitting. But when a local dog goes mysteriously missing, it’s clear that a dognapper is on the loose. Hannah gets right on the scent to uncover the canine thief! Then Hannah and her mom move to their swankiest address yet. “Millionaire’s Row” may have wealthy residents, but not everything is perfect. A thief lurks among the close-knit community, breaking into homes, rearranging things, and removing special items. With the Antiques Caravan TV show rolling into town, can Hannah and her best friend, Lily, stop the culprit before he or she can cash in on the stolen goods? Once again, Hannah is on the set—and on the trail!

Hannah West: Sleuth on the Trail is a compilation of two previously published volumes, Hannah West in the Center of the Universe and Hannah West on Millionaire’s Row.

Hardcover, 288 pages
Published on January 12, 2016 by Two Lions
ISBN-10: 1503947173
ISBN-13: 9781503947177
8 Book Reviews
  • coreycole
    coreycoleabout 6 years22 stars
    i read alot of my moms old nancy drew books she was secretly hoping for girls and that didnt happen. she told me to try them so i did and this reminded me alot of those. very girly and like it was just rewritten with new clothes and cars
    • memoiloveit
      memoiloveitabout 6 years33 stars
      Although this book has an interesting mystery, I think it was okay. I've read other books with the same plot that were better than this one because this book didn't stand out to me that much. I've read other books with more suspenseful and engaging. Not the best mystery for people who like books about solving mysteries and detectives , but not the worst.
      • strawberry1234
        strawberry1234about 6 years55 stars
        I loved this book my favorite character is Hannah West she loves mysteries just like me. I loved this book when i read it. Read!!!!!!!!
        • aub112705
          aub112705over 6 years44 stars
          Hannah West is babysitting a dog named Elvis Hannah loves mysteries so they go on one themselves. I give this book a gold star! My sister even wants to read it!
          • catface173
            catface173over 6 years
            Hannah West is a series of books about of course Hannah West. This book is my favorite in the whole series. It inspired me to start dog walking for my neighborhood.
            • waterlily1255
              waterlily1255over 6 years44 stars
              This book is just like the one before. It's just this time the plots the mission. I have courage and encourage you to read this book because it will be awesome.
              • inventor60
                inventor60over 6 years
                Out loose is a dognapper and a burglar and Hannah and Lily are on the case. This is a great book for all who love a great mystery.
                • sadier
                  sadierover 6 years33 stars
                  good book for people who like mysteries and detectives. would read again if i had the chance. i would recommend this for a younger age kid.