Alex Douglas always wanted to be a hero. But nothing heroic ever happened to Alex. Nothing, that is, until his eleventh birthday. When Alex rescues a stray dog as a birthday gift to himself, he doesn't think his life can get much better. Radar, his new dog, pretty much feels the same way. But this day has bigger things in store for both of them.

This is a story about bullies and heroes. About tragedy and hope. About enemies with two legs and friends with four, and pesky little sisters and cranky old men, and an unexpected lesson in kindness delivered with a slice of pizza. This is Eleven: the journey of a boy turning eleven on 9/11.

A best-seller at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, a Kirkus "Best Books" selection, and winner of Writer's Digest and Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.
Paperback, 200 pages
Published on January 14, 2014 by Alto Nido Press, LLC
ISBN-10: 099118100X
ISBN-13: 9780991181001
11 Book Reviews
  • s20004370
    s20004370about 1 year55 stars
    Alex wanted to be a hero
    • theyellowdog
      theyellowdogabout 1 year55 stars
      I love this book so much. It's about a kid wanted a dog so bad. And the book is called Eleven because it's about a thing that happen a long time ago 9/11. We can never forget it. And if you don't know about 9/11 you should read the book
      • cokereader
        cokereaderabout 1 year55 stars
        This book is good to read .It is about a boy named Alex who always wanted to be a hero and have a dog. September 11th is his birthday,it should be the best day ever ,but it was not. A tragic event happened, the terrorist attack. This day changed Alex. From this book you can learn about 9/11 . I recommend this book.
        • Jocelynabout 4 years
          Absolutely wonderful! Great job bringing awareness to the events of 911 without leaving my son sad and depressed. Multiple story lines converging at the end made the suspense to great that he had to finish the book. He's read it twice and puts it up there with Orbiting Jupitet. Great read and great teaching lesson!
          • snowcreep
            snowcreepabout 6 years55 stars
            i was read this book in ela class in 4th grade and it was sad i forgot most of the book though lol
            • soccergirl43
              soccergirl43about 6 years
              Awesome this is so mysterious . I love it it's all about September 11 2001. Even though it was a sad day this author is really good at keeping secrets.
              • Mathew975about 6 years
                SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!!!!
                • hamhamster
                  hamhamsterabout 6 years
                  good book but sad
                  • soccergirl43about 6 years
                    I love this book it's so mysterious
                    • soccerlover1511
                      soccerlover1511about 6 years55 stars
                      LOVE THIS BOOK