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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8X2.717071
New York Times Bestseller

A 2015 Newbery Honor Book
Going to school and making new friends can be tough. But going to school and making new friends while wearing a bulky hearing aid strapped to your chest? That requires superpowers! In this funny, poignant graphic novel memoir, author/illustrator Cece Bell chronicles her hearing loss at a young age and her subsequent experiences with the Phonic Ear, a very powerful—and very awkward—hearing aid.
The Phonic Ear gives Cece the ability to hear—sometimes things she shouldn’t—but also isolates her from her classmates. She really just wants to fit in and find a true friend, someone who appreciates her as she is. After some trouble, she is finally able to harness the power of the Phonic Ear and become “El Deafo, Listener for All.” And more importantly, declare a place for herself in the world and find the friend she’s longed for.

"A standout autobiography. Someone readers will enjoy getting to know."
--Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Worthy of a superhero."
--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"This empowering autobiographical story belongs right next to Raina Telgemeier’s Smile (2011) and Liz Prince’s Tomboy."
Hardcover, 248 pages
Published on September 2, 2014 by Harry N. Abrams
ISBN-10: 1419710206
ISBN-13: 9781419710209
98 Book Reviews
  • unicorncamila
    unicorncamilaabout 1 year55 stars
    I would recommend this book, it is just right for beginners who are being introduced to longer books, and the words are not that long on each page,which I like. It also teaches you many different things; like to be yourself and to not judge others by the book.
    • slimequeen360
      slimequeen360over 1 year55 stars
      This book is so cut and inspiring my friend recommended it to me and now it is one of my favorite books ever. It is super super inspiring and funny too. I would recommend this book to anyone.
      • lovereading310
        lovereading310almost 2 years55 stars
        So a few months ago I got to read this because my teacher signed me and my classmates up for a free e-book program. let me just say that this book is really good. it talks about how Cece bell (Yes, this is based off a true story, but the characters are replaced with animals!) and how she went to elementary school while being deaf. You should read this if you like true stories (like me) and graphic novels (also like me)!
        • gold3nglare
          gold3nglareabout 2 years44 stars
          It was pretty good. I like how she used animals to tell the story. I think that this was a great book, but I sort of wish that she could have gone into her highschool years too.
          • sporty359
            sporty359about 2 years
            It is super good and I've read it so much that I've forgotten how many times i read it and i definitely recommend it
            • Victorias secreover 2 years
              I think it is good because people might not know but this story is true!!
              • hedgeguin2
                hedgeguin2over 2 years55 stars
                Now I probably am being boring saying this again, but I love graphic novels! This book, El Deafo, is about a girl named Cece. Life was normal for her, until she got very sick, and as a result lost her hearing. Now, she has to wear her new hearing aids/Phonic Ear to school everyday, where she worries people will judge her. But soon, she discovers she can hear her teacher everywhere, even in the bathroom! Cece thinks she’ll use her new powers to help her classmates, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. This book is amazing, the illustrations are very detailed, and I love the story!! I wou,d totally recommend you read this, as it can help move people who actually are deaf, and make them know that it’s okay to be different, and you can help somebody too! :D
                • pizzagirl7
                  pizzagirl7over 2 years44 stars
                  Me day when Cece was four she started to not feel well . The doctors were worried...they said something about her brain could be swelling . Now she is sent home . She is really confused on what is happening . She can't hear anyone ! How she has to get a hearing aid. A lot happens in this book cece starts to like someone . Her best friend drifts away from'll have to read the book to find out. I recommend this book to all ages . Thank you for this review! -Pizzagirl7😁
                  • patrish_oof_hq
                    patrish_oof_hqover 2 years55 stars
                    This is a great book!! but there's only five in are library but i got it and 5/5 i think ages 9 to 11 would love this!
                    • fortniteoop60
                      fortniteoop60almost 3 years
                      It’s such a great graphic novel