Diary of a Minecraft Deadpool: Book 1: Initial Encounter With Zombies

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If you wonder how a Deadpool could survive the Minecraft world and fight zombies, this adventure diary book is for you!!!

If you feel like hearing what this Minecraft Deadpool wants to say, read on below

Hey boys and girls! It’s your good pal Deadpool, and I’m really hoping you will check out my book here. I recently found myself in a crazy place where everything was made of blocks. I met some great new friends in a town called Craftsville there and had an adventure unlike any I’ve ever had before. As I did, I scribbled all that happened in a diary, and that is what is in this book: the diary of my first three weeks in Craftsville.

I know what you are saying: Deadpool, you have had all sorts of crazy adventures already. Sure I have, but none like this. I’d guarantee that… if my lawyers hadn’t told me to stop guaranteeing things.

Inside you will find:

  • My initial exploration of my new world and the town of Craftsville
  • Meeting my Minecraft BFF: Steve
  • Me helping the people of Craftsville in their daily lives
  • Oh, and Zombies
  • I meet an Iron Golem and and Enderman
  • A Zombie Pigman Serves the Best Ginger Brew I’ve Ever Had
  • Blazes Attack My Friends
  • Did I Mention Zombies?

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Paperback, 94 pages
Published on September 14, 2018 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 1726476251
ISBN-13: 9781726476256
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