Darkness of Dragons (Wings of Fire, Book 10)

Book 10 of 13 in the Wings of Fire Series
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Grades 3 - 7n/an/an/an/a
Qibli knows Darkstalker must be stopped. And he knows he could stop him -- if he had magic. With even a sliver of the ancient dragon's all-powerful scroll, Qibli could rewrite history the right way: end war forever; make every dragon happy; perhaps even cast a very small spell so that everyone would like him . . .

Instead, as Darkstalker's dangerous influence spreads across Pyrrhia, entrancing or killing every dragon in the seven tribes, Qibli can only grasp the small animus objects he's borrowed from Turtle. With some clever thinking, Qibli's talons finally hold the power to make a difference.

But prophecies are not easy to rewrite. Can Qibli be the magical force Pyrrhia needs, or will he be the one to bring Jade Mountain -- and his family, his friends, his whole world -- crashing down?
Hardcover, 432 pages
Published on July 25, 2017 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0545685478
ISBN-13: 9780545685474
37 Book Reviews
  • celebang
    celebang12 months55 stars
    I loved the plot and emotion in this book, of Qibli's suffering his entire childhood, then having to return to that same family to save his fellow Outclaw and potentially the rest of the world. Really great plot, and AMAZING epilogue. Great closing to the second arc.
    • adroit_avimimus
      adroit_avimimusabout 1 year22 stars
      A terribly displeasing ending to one of my favorite series ever. I understand that Tui T. Sutherland had backed herself into a corner with the major plot holes in Talons of Power, but she only digs herself deeper. At this point, I don’t think it was an accident or a poorly thought plan, just simply a bad idea executed pretty well. All things considered, I am extremely disappointed with this book, I was so connected to it, I had dreams of it, wrote fanfictions of it, was inspired by it, and its characters were always in my head…I’m not sure I will ever get over how upset I am with this. **SPOILER WARNING** If you have not read the book yet, please stop here. Firstly, it was bad enough that readers had to follow Turtle in Talons of Power, with his sadly pathetic demeanor and slow dopey train of thought, despite his obvious capabilities. But then we get a book with Qibli, whose cleverness and cunning I for one have been greatly looking forward to, only to find someone who thinks along the same lines. “Oh, woe is me, I’m useless and the world hates me…” Secondly, Tui has been showing signs of failing in the exact same place as many other authors, something as a critic I cannot stress enough-- character consistency. First shown in the fleeting glimpses of our beloved characters in Talons of Power, and now given as a blast to the face here. Thirdly-- and this is mostly due to Talons of Power, not inherently this book-- Darkstalker’s defeat was so…dumb. One of the unspoken laws of writing is to never, ever make any character-- good or evil-- all-powerful because then there is no really good way to get rid of them. I mean seriously, he teleported all animus dragons all over the world to his throne room in a second (by the way, where on earth is the animus enchanting in that spell?), and he supposedly made himself invulnerable to animus magic, yet both with Turtle's stick and with his defeat it didn't seem to work... Fourth, the greatest plot hole in the book, how did Darkstalker even get his power back or how did the piece of his scroll that Moon and Qibli used to defeat him have any power? The animus magic can only be in one place-- otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense-- but when they "destroyed" the scroll with his animus magic he got his power back, yet there was part of his scroll still left with magic in it. How does Tui explain this? She doesn't, which is the worst thing she could do. Fifth and finally-- and this one is about the character pairing in the book-- why the heck did Tui decide to do Moon and Qibli? Although I suppose it was obvious since she announced that the last book was going to be on Qibli. And this isn’t all about personal opinion! If you think about it, how many times before this book did Moon and Qibli even speak to each other, let alone exchange special looks, or were even alone together? In Winter Turning I would say that Winter and Moon had some romantically tense moments, which were very exciting to read about. On top of that, and this last part doesn’t matter as much but it is still significant, there were polls on what pair the readers wanted in several places on the internet, including Scholastic’s official website, and readers voted incontestably for Moon and Winter, with the polls going at an average of 76% to 24%. **End of Spoilers** All in all, a complete flunk from my point of view. I understand that the vast majority will be happy with whatever they are given, but I’m not. I only ask for three simple things: A good story. Consistent characters. And a good ending to the series. That’s it. Nothing more. I’m not asking for perfection, just decency, and although this was one of my favorite series ever, this book couldn’t even nearly reach those simple standards. And for that, my 2-Star Rating.
      • happy_man
        happy_manover 1 year55 stars
        Qibli did not have magic or night wing powers for that matter, which he mourns. As an advisor to the new queen Thorn he will always stretch his loyalty and do anything for her. But then Qibli and his friends run into a new problem! A two-thousand year old dragon legend named Darkstalker has come out of the earth! Qibli thinks everyone is acting strangely, especially Winter. Shouldn't they be afraid of this powerful legend? Just when it seems like his life can't get any worse he has to find his grandfather Vulture. Qibli is the one dragon holding Pyrrhia together. Or he could be the one thing to split in half? Will he say yes to the gift of animus power or will he turn it down? Will he chose the right or wrong path? Find out in Wings of Fire #10: Darkness of Dragons!
        • happy_man
          happy_manover 1 year55 stars
          Love this series SOOOOO MUCH! I love books 6,5 and 10!
          • chromatic1
            chromatic1almost 2 years55 stars
            I think books 6-10 are the best.
            • chromatic1
              chromatic1almost 2 years55 stars
              Such a good book
              • kohana12345
                kohana12345almost 2 years
                it looks amazing so after i finish reading 8 and start 9 i will read 10 book of wings of fire .
                • Jamesabout 2 years
                  This book is amazingly amazing
                  • alphacloudmike
                    alphacloudmikeabout 2 years55 stars
                    This book is very awesome, as of all Wing of Fire. I enjoyed it very much and I have read it allot of times!!!
                    • sunshinerainbow
                      sunshinerainbowabout 2 years55 stars
                      Qibli doesn’t have magic. Neither can he read minds or see the future. In fact, he’s just an ordinary dragon who grew up in the Scorpion Den, a dangerous city of thieves and con artists. When he was younger, his mother abandoned him, and he has learned to look after himself ever since. Now, as Qibli’s whole world is under attack from a legendary, two-thousand year old dragon named Darkstalker, he’s one of the only dragons who realizes the danger. His classmate Turtle has been imprisoned—and Qibli is suddenly thrust into a big mess, where he must help his friend. Meanwhile, he and his other friend Winter come face to face with an old acquaintance of theirs...Qibli’s grandfather, Vulture, who is now the leader of an evil organization called the Talons of Power. When Vulture starts to kill dragons from the Scorpion Den and plot to take the current queen’s throne, Qibli must save the day—because otherwise, his loyalty will be put to the test. He enters rockier terrain every day, as he and his friends, Moonwatcher, Winter, and Kinkajou look for the answer they need; how will four young dragons stop Darkstalker, the biggest, scariest, and most powerful legend of all time? Can they do it before time runs out...for themselves and for their whole world? Read this book to find out!