Confronting the Dragon: Book Three in the Gameknight999 Series: An Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure (Minecraft Gamer's Adventure)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 8V6.485457
An evil army threatens to destroy all of Minecraft in the third Gameknight999 adventure!

The ghast king Malacoda and the terrible enderman Erebus have led their monster army to the server that houses the Source, with plans to destroy Minecraft and all the digital lives on its servers before escaping once and for all into the real world. Only Gameknight999, the User-that-is-not-a-user, and his small army of NPCs can stop them. But the monster horde is growing bigger by the day, as if they are being helped by an unknown someone . . . or something.

A secret lurks in the shadows as Gameknight and his friends race across the server, a secret with evil glowing white eyes. To defeat the monsters of the night, Gameknight will first need to find out how monsters are being created so quickly. His quest will eventually take his army into a different dimension altogether, where an island floats ominously in the Void and a deadly creature flaps its gigantic wings . . .

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Paperback, 352 pages
Published on October 21, 2014 by Sky Pony Press
ISBN-10: 1634500466
ISBN-13: 9781634500463
9 Book Reviews
  • Pikacrackalmost 2 years
    Gamerknight is the best and strongest hero. He is much stronger than Herobrine. Elsewhere he fights, he completes ALL his daring adventures. Gamerknight, along with a horde of users, can must confront(You know, guys, a dragon can spit ender fireballs!) The Ender Dragon. When the dragon was dead, Why don't you know that dude does the same like the Wither?? Ender dragon is a powerful enemy that lived in the End. He can spit enderballs(Fireball + Ender), a powerful attack which can critically damage players, nearly killed. Just as Gamerknight was about to destroy, he wins. Click on my name for more information! Pikachu~!(See ya!)
    • propsabout 5 years
      awesome book i own some
      • 11eu
        11euabout 7 years55 stars
        Great book so far! Love it! Although Gameknight999 is a big wuss sometimes.
        • galaxycat
          galaxycatabout 7 years55 stars
          Yes! There In the Source, Sadly, But Gameknight and friends Have followed them! As they Fight On the Steps Of the Source, Mason is not who He Seems...Who Is Mason?
          • I over 7 years
            Love it
            • yeetstick
              yeetstickover 7 years
              i have always been wanting to read that and i hope to get the chance to
              • yeetstick
                yeetstickover 7 years
                i have always wanted to read that book and i hope i get the chance to
                • prettygrat
                  prettygratover 7 years55 stars
                  good book highly recomend it to minecraft lovers good auther cant wait to read trouble in zombie town hope you guys read it
                  • thedarklord12
                    thedarklord12almost 8 years
                    this book is one of my favorite book series and I really want to read all of the books, wish I got the series