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This delightful addition to Weird But True! uncovers surprising secrets and mind-boggling facts behind your favorite Disney movies, TV shows, park attractions, and more!

Did you know it took 70,000 pencils to draw the artwork for The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)? Or that Donald Duck has an asteroid named after him?

This book is full of all Disney things wacky, weird, and wonderful!


New Books (12 books)

Weird But True! Disney: 300 Wonderful Facts to Celebrate the Magic of Disney
Greeking Out: Epic Retellings of Classic Greek Myths
Find It! Explore It! Ocean
Animals Find it! Explore it!: More than 250 things to find, facts and photos! (National Geographic Kids)
Deadliest Animals on the Planet
Weird But True World 2024
Jurassic Smarts: A jam-packed fact book for dinosaur superfans! (Nerdlet)
The Ultimate Book of Reptiles: Your guide to the secret lives of these scaly, slithery, and spectacular creatures!
Critter Chat
Ultimate Mammalpedia
Can't Get Enough Horse Stuff
Why? The Human Body

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Zeus the Mighty: The Quest for the Golden Fleas (Book 1)
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No Boundaries: 25 Women Explorers and Scientists Share Adventures, Inspiration, and Advice
Pirate Queens

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@slytherin4life Thank you for making my day I really needed that and thanks everyone for being so kind, Happy Friday!

hey peopleee with a triple E!!!What is everyone doing for Christmas?Does anyone have any elves?So,today we should do a true or false quiz!! 1.) A group of monkeys is called a troop. 2.) The fear of water is called acrophobia. 3.)In the periodic table, the letter J is not included. ... 4.) The amount of matter changes during a chemical reaction. Good luck!!

Today, I would like to give give another shout-out to @techfashion0315 for being kind to everyone and quite possibly my idol on DOGO. I followed you months ago and I think you're so sweet. And another huge shout-out to everyone on DOGO who made my world sparkle. So...tysm and see you tommorrow! (I've gotta catch up with some math homework and history homework cos I didn't do mine since I'm sick. But hopefully I'll get better soon.)

Oh, wow! Thank you so much! I don’t think I have ever been someone’s idol before! That means a lot and I really appreciate your sweet words! And I hope you feel better soon!

I have my first quiz for y'all! Its book themed. 1. J.K. Rowling or Marley Dias? 2. Romance or Fantasy? 3. Film made out of a book or the book the film was made out of? Thx. Please follow!

Hello! 1. I haven’t heard of Marley Dias so maybe them 2. Fantasy 2. Film made out of a book! There’s something about seeing your favorite book come to life! Thank you so much for the quiz!

My answers are: 1. J.K. Rowling 2. Fantasy 3. The book the film was made out of. I can't wait to see your answers!

Hey guys!! This week's shout out goes to @holly_mistletoe for inspiring me to change my username for the holidays as well! Which username should I choose?! HELP!!!! i_wanna_puppy_for_xmas or i_love_eggnog101 or the_grinch_stole_xmas911. Personally, I prefer i_love_eggnog101 though. But its your choice! P.S. Please follow me!!! my goal is 20 and I have 19! Thx. Bye!

Hello! I’m with you, the eggnog one is the best! I am following but I hope you reach your goal!

Sorry, I almost forgot! I'm gonna change it on 20th December so I need your replies by then. Thx

Also, I changed my avatars to Christmas themed. The theme is 'Sugar Plum'!

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