Beware the Fish! (Bruno and Boots)

When they discover that Macdonald Hall is in financial trouble and in danger of closing, the boys come up with a wacky plan to get publicity for their cause and save the school
ISBN-10: 0439969018
ISBN-13: 9780439969017
5 Book Reviews
  • findthejoy FANover 6 years
    Findthejoy is right! PS: im ur biggest fan and ive watched ALL ur screen recorded videos! They r AWESOME!
    • findthejoy
      findthejoyover 6 years55 stars
      Amazing series :) read them and you'll probably love them 2
      • coati4
        coati4over 7 years
        this book was so funny i read it for school. whenever i ended a chapter i wanted to read more. it had so much suspense. I absolutely loved the part when they have to move dorm rooms and bruno got stuck with and and boy who had a temper tantrum if you stepped on an ant (Elmer Drimsdale) and Boots had to share with rich boy who kept his eyes on the stock market (Goerge Wexington The third) Most of all i loved skunk. Such a funny Book!
      • artsy4
        artsy4over 7 years
        This book was really funny and my favourite character was boots. He was really funny and my favourite character. I thought that Bruno got stuck with Elmer who was also funny how he said "the bugs world is my world!'. I didn't really like George Wexington Smith the 3rd because he acted like he knew everything.