Being Bad: My Baby Brother and the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Teaching for Social Justice Series)

Being Bad will change the way you think about the social and academic worlds of Black boys. In a poignant and harrowing journey from systems of education to systems of criminal justice, the author follows her brother, Chris, who has been designated a ''bad kid'' by his school, a ''person of interest'' by the police, and a ''gangster'' by society. Readers first meet Chris in a Chicago jail, where he is being held in connection with a string of street robberies. We then learn about Chris through insiders' accounts that stretch across time to reveal key events preceding this tragic moment. Together, these stories explore such timely issues as the under-education of Black males, the place and importance of scapegoats in our culture, the on-the-ground reality of zero tolerance, the role of mainstream media in constructing Black masculinity, and the critical relationships between schools and prisons. No other book combines rigorous research, personal narrative, and compelling storytelling to examine the educational experiences of young Black males.
Paperback, 144 pages
Published on September 26, 2014 by Teachers College Press
ISBN-10: 0807755966
ISBN-13: 9780807755969
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  • patricky
    patrickyabout 6 years44 starsFeatured
    In this book, the author is focusing on the issue of social issues in the world like in schools. Everywhere in the world, there is social injustice, especially against people of different skin colors. Chris, a kid who was known as a bad kid by others, is the main focus of the story, and the reader will learn about the social issues with different people during that time. The best part of the book is how the author describes their lives while also showing the readers the social issues that are happening in many places. After reading this book, I learned about the history of African-American teenager's social world and their insights. Overall, I would recommend this book to others who are reading books about social issue or needed information on that topic.