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Grades K - 3Grades 2 - 5P3.64207

Kitty's owners are home with a big surprise for Kitty. But what is it? Kitty, reeling in horror, thinks it's a . . . dog. The neighbor cats are convinced it's a cat. But we all know that it's really a BABY!

With Nick Bruel's trademark mix of antic humor (this time involving a Kitty game show and the Kitty Olympics―which the baby wins hands down), riotous illustrations, total mayhem, and Uncle Murray Fun Facts, this may be the funniest Kitty book yet, and the one that hits closest to home.

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby is the winner of the 2012 Children's Choice Book Awards for Third to Fourth Grade Book of the Year.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Published on June 7, 2011 by Roaring Brook Press
ISBN-10: 1596435976
ISBN-13: 9781596435971
40 Book Reviews
  • kenna626
    kenna626over 1 year44 stars
    I like all the bad kitty books, but this one is one of my favorites. When Kitty's owners go on a trip Kitty is not happy that they're going and she is not.
    • kruzingwithk9s
      kruzingwithk9sabout 3 years55 stars
      Bad Kitty's parents are bringing home a surprise, but she doesn't really want to see it. to her, the last ''Surprise'' was Puppy. When they come back, they bring home a baby!!!! But, Kitty thinks its a dog, so when her friends come over to see it, they think its another cat, so they host the kitty games to find out if its really a cat or dog or baby or etc etc. Will the baby win the kitty games? Bad Kitty has always been a cute series so you should read it, READ IT NOW!
      • littleestella
        littleestellaover 3 years55 stars
        Their trip is funaminal!! This book is about a cat named kitty and she goes to a trip with her uncle witch is a human btw!!
        • luna1
          luna1over 3 years55 stars
          I love bad kitty
          • lnlp
            lnlpover 3 years33 stars
            kinda liked it not the best book ever but pretty good
            • braina
              brainaabout 5 years55 stars
              I thought it was a fun book.Bad Kitty lives all alone at first but then lives with a puppy and then gets a surprise.
              • Jelly bean over 5 years
                Bad kitty thought that baby was a cat. Her friends thought it was a cat to. But I still love bad kitty. Even though this book is crazy............ AWSOME
                • 25ghostrider
                  25ghostriderover 5 years
                  i love is book.Went kitty's owner brought her a surprise.
                  • preciousjewel
                    preciousjewelover 5 years
                    I can't wait to read this!
                    • OgNailahxxxXd20over 5 years
                      This book is og and xd #ogkitty