Andi Unexpected (An Andi Boggs Novel)

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Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.844130
2013 Agatha Award Nominee for Best Children's/YA Novel

After the sudden death of their parents in the jungles of Central America, twelve-year-old science geek Andora 'Andi' Boggs and her diva teenaged sister, Bethany, move to rural Killdeer, Ohio to live with their eccentric twenty-something aunt. And while the timeworn house has been home to the Boggs family for generations, Andi feels far from at home. Exploring the attic in her grief, she discovers proof of another Andora Boggs in the family tree hidden in a Depression-era trunk. Despite the meddling of the citizens of Killdeer, Andi and her new friend, Colin Carter, are determined to find out who this first Andora was, how she vanished, and why no one in town wants to talk about her. As more and more unanswered questions pile up, Andi and Colin must decide who they can trust with their secrets and who is interested in Andora's story for the wrong reasons.

Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on September 25, 2013 by Zonderkidz
ISBN-10: 031073701X
ISBN-13: 9780310737018
27 Book Reviews
  • sweetheart352
    sweetheart352about 8 years55 stars
    I loved this book! It truly was unexpected. It's one of those kinds of book, that when you finish reading it, you still are thinking about the characters.
    • tim0706
      tim0706over 8 years44 stars
      This was a really nice book and it was a really quick easy read. I really liked it because it was kind of a mysterious story.
      • dreamerjewl
        dreamerjewlover 8 years55 stars
        This is a wonderful book. It's about a girl named Andi who goes, along with her older sister, to live with her Aunt Amelie after her parents die. She finds in a small compartment hidden in the wallin the attic about another Andi, she goes on a search along with her neighbor Colin. What they find out is very surprising. A big problem is that This man wants to use the evidence for his story and steals quite a few things from them.
        • loveeangelina
          loveeangelinaover 8 years33 stars
          This was such a cute book! I really enjoyed Andi Unexpected. It was a light-hearted, clean read with a mystery element. I finished the book with a smile on my face, and I'm smiling now as I write my review.
          • asma234
            asma234over 8 years
            Andi unexpected is about a girl named Andi Boggs (short for Andora),and her sister Bethany loose there parents to a plane crash.Who where Scientist.The girls move in with there aunt Amelia who lives in a family home in a remote little college town of Killdeer.Andi is a 6th grade detective,and her sidekick/next door neighbor Colin.From Andi's sadness she starts exploring the attic,and finds that there was another Andora Boggs. Andi,and her new friend Collin are determined to find out who who Andora was,and why she disappeared. Thankyou for reading my book review. (Btw I recommend this book,it's awesome)
            • popbaby898
              popbaby898over 8 years55 stars
              I really enjoyed this book! I loved the characters! This book is full of action and adventure! If you are looking for a great book to read this one is for you!
              • bibliophile
                bibliophileover 8 years33 stars
                This was such a sweet and sad story. Andi or Andora is a curious 12 year old. After the death of her parents she moved in her aunt's house. Andi wanted her own bedroom and her aunt, Amelie made a compromise by saying if you help clean the attic, you can have your own room. So Andi just agreed, when they were cleaning the attic, Andi saw a trunk with Andora scribbled on it. Andi got curious because it had her name on it. So with the help with her friends she is trying to figure this mystery out. I enjoyed the book because it had a mystery related into it and because it was funny.
                • ruff8
                  ruff8over 8 years33 stars
                  Andi's real name is Andora but everyone just calls her Andi. Once her parents dies she goes to live with her aunt and finds a bunch of old stuff in her attic. Stuff like an old Andora. Then she has a mystery on her hands...
                  • yaya35223
                    yaya35223over 8 years55 stars
                    This is a great book! Its full of action and adventure! Its packed with suspense. I loved this book! The character are awesome! Its a great summer read
                    • r0shni07
                      r0shni07over 8 years
                      I have heard this book is a really good book. I really want to read it and I hope it will be an interesting book and easy read through.