Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 6 - 8n/a7.856209

This classic tale of a little girl's adventure is full of imagination. A smiling Cheshire cat, screaming Queen of Hearts, and always-late White Rabbit keep the reader engrossed from one fantastic scene to the next. Classic illustrations included.

Hardcover, 310 pages
Published on October 1, 1963 by Atheneum
ISBN-10: 002717400X
ISBN-13: 9780027174007
17 Book Reviews
  • 22mreyes
    22mreyesover 2 years
    I give this book a 2 stare because it was predpredictaele . This book remind me of a movie I saw. It is about when she notices the alternate world inside the Looking Glass. She determines to explore this other world, and as soon as she steps inside, she finds a place much like yet much different from her home. She encounters a smiling clock, animate chess pieces and a book with backwards text, but determined to see all of this amazing new place before she has to return.
    • libster04
      libster04over 4 years11 star
      I was not a fan. I had to read it in class, and I found it really hard to follow.
      • duncanthedog516
        duncanthedog516about 5 years33 stars
        *I only read the first book If you enjoy fantasy or the move 'Alice in Wonderland', I would suggest this book. This is my friend's all-time-favorite book so I decides to read it. In some parts Alice in Wonderland was kind of slow moving and confusing, otherwise it was a good book.
        • gabdip
          gabdipalmost 7 years
          Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-- What would you do if you fell down a rabbit hole and entered a whole other world? The book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll takes you into a whole different place, and it's such a good book! The setting of this book is the rabbit hole/wonderland and the time takes place in the mid 1800's. The main character who is also the protagonist, Alice who just out of curiosity follows the white rabbit down his hole and ends up taking a long journey through wonderland. In this book the antagonist is all of the characters that Alice meets along the way because they try to baffle and confuse her. Throughout Alice's journey she sees and meets many different creatures, enemies, and friends. Will they help Alice along the way? One of the conflicts are on the last chapter, during the trial, when Alice is called to give evidence. She calls the creatures by their name: ‘nothing but a pack of cards’ and they all come flying down on her in rage. Will Alice ever get out of wonderland? Find out by reading this amazing book. Fall into wonderland yourself as you read the words on the pages.
          • slythrnsweetie
            slythrnsweetiealmost 8 years
            This is my favorite book. Lewis Carrol is my favorite classic author. The characters are beyond unique and the setting is sensational. I love dreaming about living in Wonderland. It has a lot of symbolism, but is also very satirical. It's a timeless tale, and I've read it like 10 times, and each time I've picked up on different nuances.
            • lluna
              llunaalmost 8 years44 stars
              This book is a very good book I poked it as my favorite because It has adventure funny carecters. Also I love the magic in it
              • maddyp18
                maddyp18over 8 years44 stars
                I like this book so so much!!!!!!!!!!! It is about a girl named Alice who dreams that she fell into an animal hole of wonder. My favorite character is Alice because she is the most creative character in the story. I think this is a great story for girls because the main character is a girl. I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!
                • toyadf
                  toyadfalmost 9 years44 stars
                  this book is a real classic. I love this book cause Lewis Carroll makes the story sound like alice is not sure if what she sees is real
                  • edmodo-hsvdjbx2jx
                    edmodo-hsvdjbx2jxabout 9 years33 stars
                    This book was very confusing. If you read this just straight on, and you're not really focusing 100% complete attention you will have no idea what is going on. This was a very confusing book, but after you start understanding it it's not so bad.
                    • edmodo-hsvdjbx2jx
                      edmodo-hsvdjbx2jxabout 9 years33 stars
                      This book was quite fun to read. I didn't quite get some parts of the book, but overall it was okay, the plot was smart, and the characters were really fascinating.