101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World

This book tells the stories of 101 amazing women and the ways in which they changed the world. Featuring a wide range of nationalities and ages, and fields spanning from science and arts to exploration and activism, these awesome women are sure to be an inspiration to children everywhere. Including biographies, quotations and facts written in an accessible way and brought to life with charming illustrations, this is the perfect title for kids aged 7+.
Paperback, 128 pages
Published on November 1, 2018 by Arcturus Publishing Limited
ISBN-10: 1788883772
ISBN-13: 9781788883771
1 Book Review
  • rusty22bean
    rusty22beanalmost 2 years55 stars
    This book was amazing! It taught me about a lot of different women. It's not just about famous people. It's about women from around the world. It really teaches how women can do anything a man can. I really recommend reading this book. :)

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