Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher 1: Catch the Munchies!

A super funny and madcap adventure starring Carlton Crumple, on the quest to stop the Munchie monsters from taking over every Chubbzy Cheeseburger in America!

Carlton Crumple has been obsessed with monsters ever since his older brother dressed up like them to scare him. He is determined to rid the world of monsters! Even though he's only 11....

When a band of fast food crazed Munchies storm into a burger joint where Carlton is working, he finally has his chance! A cross country chase ensues. Cops! Munchies! Carlton and his best friend Lulu!

Cheeseburgers! Awesome!

Hardcover, 128 pages
Published on August 4, 2020 by Pixel+Ink
ISBN-10: 1645950018
ISBN-13: 9781645950011
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  • artkid
    artkidover 1 year33 starsFeatured
    I have to say that when I opened this book, I wasn’t expecting it to be my cup of tea; I didn’t think Catch The Munchies would have the well-built characters and heart-pounding excitement I look for in good books. But this surprised me, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s surprises. Carlton Crumple: Catch the Munchies! might seem like a book for six-year-olds at first, but actually, anyone can read it if they like short stories with lots of humor and some hilarious monsters. Summary: Get ready to join Carlton on his adventure! First, let’s start with introductions: Carlton Crumple is a boy who’s afraid of...everything? Well, yeah. His brother Milt tries to scare him whenever he’s in the mood, dressing up as different monsters...and it works. Carlton is frightened every time. He starts to hide from anything that looks even a TINY bit like a monster...until one day, he decides he can’t hide forever. So he becomes a creature catcher, practicing monster-catching around the house (much to his father’s annoyance), and getting a job at the Chubbzy Cheeseburger Restaurant but running around putting imaginary creatures in nets instead of putting ketchup on cheeseburgers. But then, a MONSTER comes to town...yes, a real, live MONSTER! And when this strange creature starts gobbling up all the cheeseburgers in the world, it’s up to Carlton to stop it. Can he defeat the monster? Read this book to find out!
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              Very good
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                    Not bad! Not bad at all.
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