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Are you a DINOMANIAC? If so, you’re in luck because this month—all month—Nat Geo Kids is celebrating dinos during DinoMAYnia! Starting with this awesome reference book which introduces you to hundreds of dinosaurs, from old favorites like T. rex to more recently discovered species such as Chilesaurus. Peek inside to see amazing illustrations of these incredible creatures who ruled the world ages ago. Check out MORE awesome dinosaur books on the bookshelf, enter the Design-a-Dino contest, download a free poster, and more.

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  • fluffy_bee
    Hey everyone. 👋 I recently joined the book club and this website. My name is @fluffy_bee and I just want to say hi! I have a question for you! I want to get to know you better so: What's your favorite book of all time🤔 ? (P.S. I follow back + shoutouts! ❤️)
    • roxanne3
      roxanne32 days
      Hey guys!! It's been a while since I've been on here so bear with me while I give yall an update!! I finished 8th grade on May 19th (I know we get out of school earlier than a lot of people lol) and I also turned 14 this month!! I'm going to try to get my permit this weekend, wish me luck!! The leaves on our birch trees came out today, which is definitely something to celebrate. My summer is all booked up with traveling, with 2 soccer trips and a 3 week family trip. While i'm at home, which will be very rarely, I'll be hanging out with my friends and hopefully spending a lot of time biking and roller skating!!What are your plans for summer? I'd love to hear how your school year and summer months are going :)
      • pinkkitty9
        SUP everyone. Me and my friends got into a fight recently. I made up with one of my friends, but the other one is being REALLY RUDE. She punched my other friend in the stomach and said "shut your mouth". Do you guys have any suggestions of what to say to her? Thanks, pinkkitty9
        • 1234k5678
          1234k56782 days
          hi I am new
          • natcat14
            natcat143 days
            Hey guys! I have been popping on here and there, but school keeps me busy. How have you all been? I haven't seen anyone talking about it probably because we didn't have one last year but I wonder if there will be a summer reading challenge again? I hope you all stay safe and have a great rest of your day!
            • foreverregancorn
              todays shoutout DREAMBEYOND
              • foreverregancorn
                so I'm getting braces but I'm kinka freaked out. I have a horrible gag reflex and I'm worried when they do the impressions I might throw up. ahhhhh and how long will it take? I am scared but my friend said they look cute, i dont agree. i need help guys should i get ceramic or metal braces ahhhhh huge decision . pls tell me and tell me foods u cant eat. dont like caramel popcorn
                • dream01
                  dream013 days
                  • dream01
                    dream013 days
                    me follow you!
                    • dream01
                      dream013 days
                      the people who wants to follow me, follow me and than I'll follow you!

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