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Prepare to Be HOOKED.  Read the free preview of TREASURE HUNTERS, check out the KIDDS and answer one or more of the questions below for a chance to win a full set of James Patterson books!

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It's the place for fans of JAMES PATTERSON kids books - read previews, play games, get the badge and best of all enter to win a FREE set of MIDDLE SCHOOL books. Winning won't be easy, but there's plenty of clues around. So what are you waiting for ...... join now !!

Bickford Kidd

  • AKA: Bick
  • Skills: Writing, Martial Arts
  • Never seen without: Pen and paper, a winning smile (obviously)
  • Likes: Writing, journaling, arguing with Beck, a good hamburger, living on the Kidd ship, The Lost.
  • Dislikes: When The Lost sinks, arguing with Beck, having to draw anything.

Rebecca Kidd

  • AKA: Beck
  • Skills: Drawing, High Stakes Negotiation
  • Never seen without: Her artist’s eye, a quick insult for Bick.
  • Likes: Impressionist art, Yelling at Bick, That Fresh Paint Smell
  • Dislikes: Losing. Period.

Stephanie Kidd

  • AKA: Storm (seriously, don’t call her Stephanie)
  • Skills: Photographic Memory, Research and Planning
  • Never seen without: Internet connection of some kind, a good Owner’s manual to memorize.
  • Likes: All of the books ever--ask her about the 23rd page of The Iliad. Pulling one over on fully grown people.
  • Dislikes: Scuba diving, fleeing.

Thomas Kidd

  • AKA: Tailspin Tommy
  • Skills: Navigation, Deep Sea Exploration
  • Never seen without: His little black book, a sleeveless shirt to show off his toned guns.
  • Likes: Suzie, Gina, Rachel, Jennifer, Cassandra, Nancy, Brittney, Raquel, Monica, Piper, Mary, Victoria, Sunflower, Tracy, Tracey, Traci, Yvette, Alicia…
  • Dislikes: Losing his hair care supplies.
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